Bob Barker was right: spay and neuter, dammit!  »

Good news, you guys! Down from 20 million in the 1970s, fewer than 4 million unwanted cats and dogs will be euthanized this year, and many animal advocates believe that spaying and neutering has played the biggest role in the decrease. Four million is still 4 million too many, right?
Though we still have a long way to go, spaying and neutering has become the law in many states, counties and cities—some even require all shelter animals to be sterilized. Not only does this practice eliminate unnecessary killing, but it also makes pets easier to manage, less aggressive and healthier overall. A win-win-win! Spaying and neutering has definitely become safer and more affordable over the years; most low-cost shelters charging around $50 to neuter a male cat and $60 to spay a female cat, and about $150 for a female dog, and between $150 and $250 (depending on size) to neuter a male. In the long run, and for the lives of the animals, it’s totally worth it. So remember, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered!” Thanks, Bob!

[Bob Barker image via scenestirz on Flickr; kitten image via jamesm.00001 on Flickr]


Don’t let the Animal Humane Society turn you into an animal hoarder!  »

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

Both Sarah and Megan submitted posts for this insanely sweet new PSA so I thought I’d post both because it’s Friiiiday and I’m feeling CRAZY! It’s a post-off!! post. off. POST. OFF. POST! OFF!!!

First, Megan:
What cats want, from the Animal Humane Society. I’m sorry but I love talking animals. Talking babies too. OK, I lied, I’m not sorry! Because thug means never having to say you’re sorry.

I wonder how many Vegansaurus readers have cats? Like is it a normal distribution similar to that of general society or is it like EVERYONE because we are vegans?

Now, Sarah:
CUTE OVERLOAD, Y’ALL. The new Animal Humane Society PSA, “I Want…,” is promoting kitty-cat adoption with adorable talking cats! Watch this 1 million times, and then go adopt every cat everywhere ever.*

*Just kidding—then there’d be no kitties left for me! I need all of the kitties because I am a kitty hoarder.**
**Kidding again! I swear!

Okay, both posts are equally awesome! POST-OFF TIE DECLARED! Kittens for everyone!

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