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The comment section of my vegan hightop review has become a lot of talk about Philly and of course, Philly vegan cheesesteaks. Then tonight! I went to Waziema for a going-away party, felt awkward and decided to go outside so I could feel awkward outside. But then! I found myself standing outside Jay’s Cheesesteak on Divisadero. So I says to myself, “Self, let’s get a vegan cheesesteak!” So that’s what I did.

I didn’t really understand what the many choices of seitan meant so I got the mushroom seitan, thinking that meant it would have fried mushrooms in it. It was more like lots of slivers of shitaki-like mushrooms. I kind of hate shitaki mushrooms so it was not exactly what I wanted but I can still give you a rundown of Jay’s authenticity as a cheesesteak resource.

Survey says: pretty legit! The roll especially is on-point. Cheesesteaks come on these specific rolls but a cheesesteak from anywhere outside of Philly generally comes on some kaiser-type roll and it’s really different. This roll was exactly right! One major thing about Jay’s, all the cheesesteaks automatically come with tomato, lettuce and mustard (non-vegan has mayonnaise too), this is not normal. It’s not unheard of, it’s just that we call that a cheesesteak hoagie because those are the things you get in a hoagie. And I’ve never heard of getting mustard on a cheesesteak but I’m sure someone somewhere likes it that way.

All in all, pretty authentic, though it’s actually a cheesesteak hoagie. And that’s my word!

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