Check out these cute vegan ankle boots from Blowfish Alms Shoes!  »


In celebration of their new vegan store, the kind folks at Planet Shoes sent me over a pair of adorbs faux-leather ankle boots from vegan brand Blowfish to wear around and report on for y’all. You know I’m a professional shoe reviewer, right?

After about a month of extensive scientific testing, I now deliver the following insights:

1. Everyone should have a pair of cute brown ankle boots with buckles. These go with literally everything I own, including my pajamas and wedding dress. Can we create a program to issue a pair every couple years to everyone ever?

2. If you plan to walk in these a lot and are old and broken like me, get some nice insoles, because the arch support is only meh.

3. The buckles are decorative. REPEAT: You do NOT need to unbuckle the buckles to use these shoes. As a lazy person, this pleases me.

4. Apparently faux leather is kind of delicate? This is my main gripe with the Alms. A month in, I’ve already managed to scratch up the heels and toes like a college student who’s never getting her security deposit back because you can’t actually drag your desk across hardwood floors like that, who knew?



Will these tragic scars keep me from wearing the boots? Obviously not. But would I be kind of upset about them if I’d paid the $69 the boots cost? Obviously. 

The Blowfish blog has some tips on caring for their boots that advise using leather conditioner, so maybe I’ll try that next. Anyone else have tips on dealing with such issues, other than just yelling at my feet to toughen up until my shoes start crying?


Planet Shoes Launches New Vegan Online Shop  »


Today, Rachel pens a letter to Planet Shoes in appreciation of the vegan-only section they’ve added to their store. 

Dear Planet Shoes

Thank you for taking the time to gather all the vegan shoes into one subsection of your website! I especially appreciate your mix of fully vegan brands, like Blowfish, with the vegan options from brands I might not think of, like Patagonia or Sanuk or Merrell.

Your browse function is well-designed and easy to use, which a lazy person like me truly appreciates. One sad: you currently have no metallic or silver options, which is going to put a damper on my metallic shoe collection. Can you get all the metallic shoes please? 

Your reviews are a bit thin right now, but luckily The Rest of The Internet can help me overcome that, until such time as the world discovers your vegan shoe shop and leaves oodles and oodles of reviews.

I will tell all my friends at Vegansaurus that you have launched your new shop, I bet they’ll want to check it out.


PS: Also, thank you for letting me pick out a pair of free shoes! (check back for the shoe review next week!)


Reneu Shoes: Vegan footwear that’s cool kid approved!  »


In my day job for Backpacker Magazine, I get to try a lot of shoes as a gear tester. Most of them aren’t vegan (go ahead, roast me in the comments), and they definitely don’t ever earn me any style points.* That’s why when the folks at offered to send us shoes from all-vegan line Reneu, I threw elbows to make sure these babies came to me—I’m a serious remedial case. 

In addition to being vegan, Reneu is eco-minded and incorporates earth-friendly materials into their shoes. Exhibit A: The first shoes I tried, the Temba ballet flat ($74), have all-hemp uppers. 

imageMy actual feet, looking much prettier than they normally do.

First thing I noticed: You probably shouldn’t try to go hiking in these. But if you (hypothetically) find yourself wandering around trails on a friend’s pot farm or something, then the Temba hemp ballet flat will not only be a fitting fabric for the occasion, but will do you good and hold up to the unreasonable demands you are making of it. The memory-foam insole isn’t enough to protect you from actual rocks and sticks and stuff, but it can totally handle a full 9 hours at a standing desk, plus the walk to happy hour afterwards. And they’re small enough to fit in a purse or a pack if you need to bring out the big guns hiker shoes on your commute (2.5 miles of flooded paths! I had to go WADING yesterday! Yes I am that lady who commutes in sneakers approach shoes then changes!). 

And guys: In these shoes, the adorbs 22-year-old designer across the hall from me actually took the time to stop in and tell me she liked my outfit. That has not ever happened before. 

I also tested out the Nia strappy faux-leather sandals ($79), but did not love them as much. It’s a tough fit when only the back strap is adjustable, and I found myself tripping on them even though they’re actually a half-size smaller than I’d normally wear. Luckily has free returns, though, so if that fit issue happened to you, it’d be all good.

In summary: CUTE!! 

*Actual quote from a friend: “You’re like a disco hiker or something. You have these normal outfits on, then you’re still wearing shoes like you’re about to run up a mountain.”


Krže Studio makes fancy vegan shoes!  »

imageAnd they’re so exclusive we can’t even buy them yet! They look like they’re gonna be tough and pretty and totally expensive, but you know what? Quality vegan shoes aren’t cheap. Not to knock cheap vegan shoes! But generally shoes at a higher price point come with things like padded footbeds, a little arch support, and consideration that they have to be worn on actual human feet.

I’m super into the Keely booties above in black; I love that buckle underneath! The 100 percent lack of functionality, without even a pretense of usefulness! It’s so insouciant, right?

I also really like the Hazel slip-ons in this crinkly metallic orange.


If you’re going to wear a shoe with such a basic shape, you ought to get creative with the color and materials. You can wear boring shoes when you’re dead!

Krže Studio was created by Leila Tamar Kerze, who studied fashion design at college and worked for BCBG and Donald J. Pliner before striking out on her vegan own.

When can you buy these shoes? Where can you buy them? I have no answers for you. What I do know is that these shoes have a lot of attitude and I am glad people see a market for luxury vegan footwear. Leather is so passé.

Super important update!!!: Megan loves this pair! -MR

[images via Krzhe Studio]


Vegan shoes on sale at Fab  »


image has some great vegan options at the moment! That is all.


NYC: Come to Mooshoes this Sunday!  »


Mooshoes is having a special sale this Sunday in honor of spring! I think spring is great so it should definitely be honored with vegan shoe discounts. Details:

Please join us on Sunday, April 14. from noon to 6 p.m. for our annual Spring Fling.

Spring is finally here and you need some new shoes to get you started. We have so many new styles to choose from that we don’t want you to have to narrow it down to just we are offering a 15 percent discount on all of our new spring arrivals. We are also offering an additional 10 percent off already discounted merchandise. Prices start at $29.99! 

Expect some fun beverages (spiked or non spiked lemonade, anyone?) and tasty treats from Dunwell Doughnuts to make this shopping day a little sweeter.

Dunwell Doughnuts? Sold!

Mooshooes is located at 78 Orchard St. in Manhattan.


NYC: Brave GentleMan sale!  »

Hey people, Friday is your chance to hang with Joshua of Brave GentleMan and get a discount on his superfly shoes! Deets:

This Friday Nov. 30th, Get 15% off all Brave GentleMan x Novacas shoes, in-store only at MooShoes NYC from 5-9pm. More styles are back in stock for this one-day event, and  I’ll be there to help you pick out a pair and hang out.

5pm – 8pm
78 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

You should really try to get there kids because these jawns are hot


Unstitched Utilities: Vegan shoes for ladies and dudes!  »

Hello, Turn Down Chukka QT

The New York Times' International Herald Tribune did a little feature on Unstitched Utilities, a vegan shoe company that uses Tyvek to make sustainable, theoretically recyclable shoes. And they are kinda hot, you guys.

The totally vegan Hang Up Slip On, in a sunshiny yellow

What I particularly love is that not only are Unstitched Utilities shoes totally vegan and eco-friendly, they are waterproof. This means you can pop out of the house in your cheery yellow slip-ons, get caught in a freak rainstorm, and still have happy, dry feet! Because as much as I love a rainboot, I don’t always want to commit to full-on wellingtons. These are casual and charming and just weird-looking enough. And the men’s shoes are absolutely great, vegan dudes.

Read more about Unstitched Utilities at their site. Wearing stylish, eco-friendly vegan shoes increases your sexual attractiveness by 20 percent, guaranteed.


Tom’s vegan shark shoes are summer-perfect! And benefit shark conservation!  »

Is there anything better than madras plaid shoes? Duh, no. Except maybe for madras plaid shoes that are both vegan and designed and sold to benefit the “protect[ion] of sharks and their environment.” Thanks, Toms!

Per Ecouterre, these shoes were designed in “collaboration with the University of Miami’s R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program" and "inspired by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie’s shark-diving experience" with that program. Proceeds from the sale of each pair "go to protect sharks and their environment." They’re not saying what percentage of the proceeds will be donated, or where the money will go, but Toms has been a trustworthy company so far, with its shoes-for-you, shoes-for-a-shoeless-child program (which is still in effect with this style, incidentally), right? So maybe you want a pair! If they had them in my size (stupid men’s sizing) I would have bought them before I even wrote this. Madras is my favorite plaid! And I am crazy about plaid.

Tom’s vegan madras plaid shark shoes, $54 online.


Cute Neuaura heels at Compassion Couture!  »

These are the hotness! They’re the Mulberry from Neuaura and apparently they are exclusive to our friends Compassion Couture. I’m totally in love with black velvet. It’s just the blackest black, right? So much blacker than other materials that pretend to be black. What’s that about? It’s prob some science stuff. That Science, always telling me the secrets of the universe. Yup, Science can’t keep a goddamn secret. 

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