So Necessary: Rabbit-fur iPad case!  »

Score one for humanity! This rabbit-fur iPad cover from Jagger Edge is uggo times a thousand. It’s from their V.I.P. collection, as in “Very Important Purchase.” VIP? More like V-O-M! Am I right? And over at shopbop, you can purchase your very own for $198!

They also have amazing rabbit-fur iPhone cases that are equally as uggo but smaller. The description for the iPhone cases is great: “Handmade in California U.S.A. 100% fine fur as a result each has it’s own unique character + EDGE! These made to order, high luxury iPhone covers are for the style maven a cut above the rest.” EDGE, you say? Well then! Skin the bunnies!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: it comes in pink. Cuddle up with that.

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