These adorbs Dansko’s are not only vegan but are on sale at right now for $84 which is still a lot, but cheaper than normal! I’m wearing plaid Danskos right now, you can get flowers and we’ll clash amazingly! 
I honestly don’t think I could ever pull these off but you’d be the kind of girl I’d get a secret crush on if you managed it. Send us a photo!

These adorbs Dansko’s are not only vegan but are on sale at right now for $84 which is still a lot, but cheaper than normal! I’m wearing plaid Danskos right now, you can get flowers and we’ll clash amazingly! 

I honestly don’t think I could ever pull these off but you’d be the kind of girl I’d get a secret crush on if you managed it. Send us a photo!


All-vegan boutique in SF: the Detox Market!  »

Last week I got the scoop about an all-vegan market in the Mission. The Mission?! I’m there all the time (burritos and bars). How did I not know? 

The Detox Market is amazing. I was so nervous to be going to a beauty boutique, looking like a hot mess after work, but it was so soothing in there! Clean, bright, and very well organized. Inside I met Rachel (hey girl!), who walked me through the store and explained all of their products and philosophies.

The Detox Market sells organic, vegan (and local when possible!) products. In each genre—be it tea, toys, lipstick, salt, chocolate, candles, NAIL POLISH—they only sell one brand! Rachel explained that they choose the best of the best! The highest quality of everything! Believe me, it shows.

I can’t possibly go over every product in the store, but I’ll show you what stuck out to me. You’ll just have to check it out yourself!

The Can-Can Cleanse
! Rachel offered me a sample of the green juice and it instantly revitalized me. For a split second I thought, “Maybe I can do a juice fast!” Anything is possible, right?

TAZA chocolates! Valentines Day is coming up. Or someone’s birthday, I’m sure.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that nothing good comes out of Florida. They are wrong for two reasons: 1.) I was born there; and 2.) The Spice Lab salts come out of there! Florida FTW!

Of course there were many different varieties, but OMG! Truffle salt? Yes please and thank you.

Water-based nail polish! Just what Sarah and I need when we have girl’s night with cake vodka and sing-alongs to Katy Perry!

They have sooo many flower essences. Which I always just kind of brushed off as a hippie thing, but after my visit, I’m reconsidering. Rachel held up a card featuring about eight pictures of flowers; I was to point to the one that visually appealed to me the most. The one I choose, which looked like a bird of paradise, was “Quiet Mind.” I was thinking it meant that I was mellow and introverted, but I was wrong! She told me it means I’m really stressed and need to calm down, try to focus and find clarity. Then she sprayed me with my appointed flower essence. She’s good—I want to go back and get Quiet Mind essence! And spray it all over myself the recommended five times a day!

Guess what? Soy wax is out and coconut wax is in! That’s what these Pure Light candles are made of. Let me tell you, they smell delightful. Mother’s Day can’t come fast enough. (My mom loves candles!)

Don’t these Inna Jams look pretty? They are made in Berkeley! Local product alert!

Last but certainly not least is the Kusmi Tea collection. This tea is from Paris. So fancy! I smelled a couple different varities and it’s good. I’m not even really a tea person, but I’d brew myself a cup of this stuff (probably the detox one).

There is so much more at the Detox Market, including skin care, makeup, and sunscreen. Seriously, all organic and top of the line. Toothpaste even! Rachel gave me a sample of some acai toothpaste that I just love. LOVE! Get up and go! If I had known about this place before Christmas, my shopping would have been so much easier. You can find something for almost anyone here. Or just go treat yourself.

The Detox Market is located at 969 Valencia St., between 20th and 21st streets in the Mission. There is also a shop in Los Angeles, at 8380 Beverly Blvd. Happy shopping!


This week only: Vaute Couture shirts on sale at Vegan Cuts!  »

What time is it? SHOPPING TIME. And as a thoughtful, stylish vegan consumer, you want to give presents that your friends and family will cherish forever. Or, you want to buy yourself stuff because you’re tired and it’s only Tuesday but it’s almost December, where does the time go, you deserve a present.

Vegan Cuts to the rescue! This week only, they’re selling two Vaute Couture tees for 25 percent off! One style is brand new! They are both adorable, made of sustainable, fair-trade materials, and really the biggest problem here is deciding which one you want, because you’re limited to one per person.

Maybe get your friend to buy one and you buy the other and you can share them! Or convince your relations that they should buy one of each style and give them both to you! Or, you know, buy one as a gift for someone you love, because now is the season of being less selfish.

The deal expires this weekend, so get to Vegan Cuts and buy a shirt! Only if you like deals and shirts, though. Maybe saving money and putting fabric on your body aren’t your things. That just means more awesome clothes for the rest of us.


Save money and help animals with Boygirlparty!  »

Happy news! When you use the coupon code “VEGANSAURUS” on Boygirlparty’s Etsy store, you will get 10 percent off your order AND Boygirlparty will donate an additional 10 percent of the sale to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary! Huzzah! The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is a magical place that deserves our help, PLUS this stuff is so cute! It’s a win-win! Bonus: Susie Ghahremani, the crazy talented artist behind Boygirlparty, is super committed to eco-friendly printing—a win-win-win!

Susie also says that if you want to forgo your discount, she will donate 20 percent of your purchase to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary—just don’t use the coupon code and leave a note at checkout! You saintly bastard! 

Everything in her store is adorbs, but here are my favorite things! First of all, try not to die from the sweetness of these mini notebooks:

I want to take these tiny books and write tiny genius thoughts in them.

And I love this octopus to-do list notepad:

I don’t know if your mom is anything like mine, but my mom is ALL ABOUT to-do lists. Like, cray cray. I’m sure any to-do list enthusiast would be super happy to get this! Or get it for yourself and get your shit done in the cutest way possible. 

Susie has also created a bunch of sweet recipe cards, like this elephant one:

Kick it old-school with handwritten recipes! Or bust out the typewriter and type them up. People will think you are cool.

The holidays are coming up and a nice notebook like this owl one always makes a good present:

It’s cute and useful! And in these superficial and overcrowded times, it’s all about the aesthetics of utility. That’s my word.

There’s also a ton of really pretty cards but I especially like this bird notecard set:

It’s super classy to mail people cards. Nobody does it anymore. People don’t even give cards with presents! But you give someone this card and they can stand it up like a little piece of art and you will be an old-world hero. 

So those are my top picks! Susie also has great shirts and jewelry so check those out as well. Now, get to shoppin’ for a good cause!

[All photos by Renée Chartier]


The Vegansaurus store on Ethical Ocean!  »

We have our own storefront on Ethical Ocean now
! We picked out a bunch of cute vegan things to show you! And if you click the link above to Ethical Ocean (or our forthcoming banner), we get a percentage of anything you buy. We will use the money to do Vegansaurus-y things! OH AND there’s a special Meatless Monday Unicorn cartoon on our storefront, brand new! He’s such a wisenheimer. 

I’m pretty excited about this. Ethical Ocean is really cool. They don’t just have vegan things; you can also search for things that are environmentally friendly or sweatshop-free—or all three! I will prob buy my holiday presents from them. It’s nice to buy people stuff that also makes you feel good because the company is all conscious and whatnot. Happy shopping!


NYC may get a vegan grocery store! Help make it a reality!  »

As you may have heard, New York City is mighty close to having its very own vegan convenience store. The brainchild of Eric Hopf, Vegan Bodega is currently in its early stages of development, with an IndieGoGo page up for community fundraising and awareness. Vegan Bodega plans to carry everything a vegan could need—healthy food items, vegan junk food, household products, vegan condoms, baby food, beer—imagine not having to read a label! Finally, a real one-stop-shopping experience right here in the Big Apple.

I talked to Eric about the project and how we can help bring it to life!

Vegansaurus: Tell us about Vegan Bodega. What inspired the idea?
Eric Hopf: Like many other vegans, I traveled to the Pacific Northwest with my partner Gita and we saw Food Fight Grocery and Sidecar For Pigs Peace. I remember thinking, “This is fantastic, we should have something like this in NYC.” Once I returned home, I went back to working in photography and didn’t think about it again until a year ago. The arrival of my daughter was close at hand and I was well overdue for a visit to Orlando, Fla., to see my family; I went down for a long weekend, and that was where the idea came from, that this all-vegan convenience store could be something real. There is a small shop near downtown Orlando that I happened upon [called] Artichoke Red, it’s all-vegan and it’s succeeding. The owner was nice enough to talk with me and answer some of my questions. Again I asked myself: Why doesn’t New York City have something like this? Once I arrived home I started thinking about an all-vegan grocery store and shared my idea with Gita. It was going to be a huge undertaking and very expensive. We scaled back the concept. The name came naturally, as there is nowhere in NYC I can think of without a corner store or “bodega,” as we have all become used to calling them. So the inspiration came partially from other business and from my family who support this dream.

How long have you been vegan? Is your family vegan as well?
Actually I don’t keep track of the length of time, but I know I have been vegan for at least six years now, and both Gita and our daughter are vegan.

Tell us about your IndieGoGo project.
After seeing a few vegan projects make their goals on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, we thought that it would be an excellent way to raise a portion of the funds we need for opening the business. Crowd-sourcing would also get the vegan community involved with launching a store that so many have told us they have been wishing for. Our goal is to raise $15,000, but we are less than a week and a half from the deadline and are only around 23 percent of the way there. Any contribution is helpful and we are very thankful for anything we get. There are a variety of incentives for donations of $5 and up. The money will be used to secure the location, buy used shelves, a commercial freezer and fridge, the computer setup for handling sales/inventory, and some stock for the soft opening. The store will have a slicer and deli display, but we may need to introduce those after the opening.

Where do you think Vegan Bodega will be located?
We are going to open in Manhattan, most likely on the Lower East Side, as we really like the feel there, [and it’s] close to other vegan spots and lots of public transportation. We are willing to reconsider the location if we find a fantastic space.

What products and/or services will you offer at Vegan Bodega? Will you deliver? What about online ordering?
The plan for Vegan Bodega is to carry a broad spectrum of products, from healthy items to vegan junk food. [We want] to support other local vegan businesses by offering them a space to sell their goods, a focused vegan and vegetarian customer base, and a chance to connect with customers by doing in-store samplings. We are also contacting Community-Supported Agriculture farmers about being a drop-off point. Delivery is something we are looking into and how best we can offer it. Online ordering may be offered in the future, but it is dependent on the demand for it.

What is your planned opening date, and are you organizing an event for the big day?
We do not have one set yet. Currently our focus is on securing a space and locking down all the funding we need. In the meantime, you may soon find us at a weekend food market, as a prelude to what will be available in the store, but that has yet to be finalized. We intend to do a soft opening and get settled in, then have a grand opening party that will also double as a fundraiser for a to-be-determined animal welfare group. Vegan Bodega would also like to support different nonprofits by allocating a portion of the sales once a month.

We’re pretty excited about this project! If you want to help Vegan Bodega reach their fundraising goal, you only have FOUR MORE DAYS to pitch in at their IndieGoGo page. If you don’t have cash to spare, spread the word and show your love by contacting the Vegan Bodega family. The anticipation is killing us!


New Yorkers! Vegan Shop-Up on Sunday, Apr. 17!  »

Now here is the event for me: Vegan shopping at a bar. Those are my two favorite things! Description from Sarah:

Cure that Spring fever with an afternoon at the all vegan, all local pop-up market, Vegan Shop-Up!

Spring is upon us, budding blooms, rainy days, picnic lust. We’re celebrating by bringing together NYC’s best animal-friendly products in one rad place, on Sunday, Apr. 17, from 2 to 5 p.m. Even bigger and better than the last one! The all vegan Pine Box Rock Shop is our gracious host, and it’s their happy hour with $3 wells and $1 off all drafts. PLUS, an outstanding bloody mary menu that will crush any Sunday night blues.

Now for the goods! Here’s just a smattering of the Shop-Up bliss in store for you:

  • Meow Meow Tweet, with their masterfully crafted organic bar and liquid soaps, and vegan bug repellent too!
  • Pretty Monsters has made a special all-vegan product line just for us with matcha lavender lip balms, soy candles in new Summer scents, AND tattoo balm!

Not to mention chocolate bars, kombucha, caramel corn, face scrub, bitters, and MORE! See the full vendor rundown here.

PLUS freebees from Babeland AND Babycakes!!

See for more information.

Boy, Sarah knows what she’s doing! I don’t have to write jack. I can just sit back and do a little musing now. You know, I’ve been totally wanting to go to Pine Box Rock Shop—it’s a vegan bar! I’ve never been to a vegan bar. Who wants to go with me! Come on, it’ll be awesome! First bloody mary is on me. Except that will be the only one I buy because I think bloody marys are ick; I’m a mimosa-type girl! Boy am I a mimosa girl.

In conclusion, save the date! Sunday, Apr. 17: you, me, booze, shopping, happiness.

*Read my review of Faux Gras here!


Check out these cute T-shirts from Pawesome! I want one! Proceeds from this month’s sales go to help animals in Japan so that’s another way you can help out over there. Yay! Shopping for a cause!
Laura says: Laura has one and says it’s the softest best shirt on earth and she gets millions of compliments because it’s so cute and she’s very attractive and sexual in it.

Check out these cute T-shirts from Pawesome! I want one! Proceeds from this month’s sales go to help animals in Japan so that’s another way you can help out over there. Yay! Shopping for a cause!

Laura says: Laura has one and says it’s the softest best shirt on earth and she gets millions of compliments because it’s so cute and she’s very attractive and sexual in it.


Screw everyone on your list, you need this bag!  »

Big-handbag ladies, you know who you are. *We* know who you are. Laura and I both have purses containing all of our material belongings, and possibly a dead body or two. Seriously, it takes us 20 minutes to retrieve anything out of said bags. But as big-handbag ladies know, this is the price we pay for being prepared! God forbid we should leave the house without something we may need while out in the world, like a two-year-old Olive Garden receipt. 

Anyway, peep this handbag: the Margarite from Brooklyn Industries:

This totally vegan hotness is curvy, silky smooth, and fits all your junk in the trunk. I love the sheen on the (nylon) fabric, and I love the durability and carrying capacity. 15” MacBook Pro? Sure, toss it in there with school books, notebooks, library books, multiple sets of keys, pairs of glasses, and an extra sweater. No, seriously. You can pack your entire life in this bag and move to Las Vegas to live off the grid. Except you will get many compliments on your bag, which might blow your cover. 

Anyway, Brooklyn Industries makes great quality bags, and this one is extra good-looking and all man-made.  Highly recommend picking one up asap (online for you SF suckas, but BI has stores in NYC, Chicago, Portland, and maybe some other places.)


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