Big surprise: meat industry hates Meatless Mondays!  »

Due in no small part to Megan Rascal’s marvelous cartoonsMeatless Monday is taking over, and those fuckers with big beef and pork are shitting their ugly, ill-fitting pants. GOOD. I wanna see you sweat, assholes. And look really, really stupid. Fortunately, that is something they do really well, as evidenced by this bit of gold:

The American Meat Institute, a trade group, unsuccessfully urged the Baltimore public schools not to join the Meatless Mondays campaign, arguing that poor kids needed the meat. “For proper nutrition there are a large number of lean cuts that you can eat and it doesn’t take a lot of it,” said Gregg Doud, an economist with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

LOLZ WHAT? That’s the best they’ve got? That’s how their ECONOMIST speaks? I mean, damn. With the addition of food service giant Sodexo to the Meatless Monday campaign, the movement is only going to get bigger and bigger. If the big animal ag wants to stay in the game, maybe they should get into broccoli-farming, or get the fuck out of the way. OK, I know that last bit is wishful thinking as there is STILL meat on the menu on Meatless Mondays and oh, yes, ON EVERY OTHER FREAKING DAY. Anyway, let’s keep this movement moving like a freight train and give these jerks something to really cry about. 

Oh, and why you’re at it, pass on Rascal’s adorable-ass Meatless Monday cartoon:

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