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Sightglass Coffee could very well be the best place to get coffee in San Francisco. Sightglass, owned by brothers Jerad and Justin Morrison, hasn’t completely opened yet; they’re still serving from a kiosk in the garage of their 7th Street location while they finish construction. But the coffee is excellent (beans by Verve until they start roasting on-site) and poured by skilled baristas. Bonus Yelp stars: they don’t add the 50¢ “vegan tax” if you ask for soy milk.

This is where you, vegan-with-opinions/attitude, come in: they haven’t settled on what pastries and baked goods to serve. They’d like to offer vegan options, but they’re not plugged into the vegan baking universe and are looking for suggestions. So if you have ideas/cravings for the best part of waking up, post them here, and we’ll pass them along. And no, it wouldn’t be crass to pimp your own bakery. They need ideas!

Of the crop of new coffee shops to open in SF (what the truly obsessed are calling “third wave coffee”) only Ritual has made any effort to keep a reliable supply of vegan pastries in stock. Four Barrel serves bacon donuts, Blue Bottle has lard cookies, and neither has shown much interest in catering to vegans (That said: coffee and thai coconuts at Trouble in the Sunset? Best combo ever). If Sightglass served vegan pastries, it would literally double my second breakfast options. Because what the world always needs more of is breakfast.

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