The Supreme Master Ching Hai musical! How did we miss this?  »

Catherine Wagley went to see Loving Silent Tears, the musical based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry collection, Silent Tears, and reviewed it for LA Weekly. Here is a taste for you:

The whole cast comes onstage. “Let’s take each other’s/Take each other’s hand,” they sing. Audience members had been given star-shaped light up wands to wave, too, though quite a few had stopped working properly by this point in the show.

If you want to enjoy the spectacle, as we desperately do, that is too bad—it was a one-night-only show, and we are all out of luck. Bring back Loving Silent Tears! We want a national tour featuring all the cities with Ching Hai joints!

[photo by Catherine Wagley for LA Weekly]

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