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Back in Rome, Italy, I instantly fell in love with potato pizza, where pizzas do not necessarily need cheese or meat. And I’m also a massive fan of potatoes and much more potatoes [Ed. note: Who isn’t?! Loonies!]. So instead, we’ve decided to make our own potato pizza from scratch.


You will need a mandoline slicer to slice these potatoes paper thin (be careful not to slice your finger). These potato rounds have to be very thin. We used Yukon potatoes (a waxier and less starchy potato) or you can use red potatoes (they are kind of waxy).

In a large bowl, dress the potato slices with olive oil, rosemary and a handful of sea salt and pepper. You can also try to oil them, then sprinkle salt, pepper and rosemary over the top once on the pan if you want more distribution. Place potato slices (separate from each other) on baking non-stick silicone mat such as SILPAT® [Ed. note: I have this mat, it’s freaking amazing—great for chocolate covered stuff!]. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour at 350 degrees F. Make sure they don’t burn quickly, keep an eye out.

These baked potato slices are great for anything from snacking to pizza topping. For instance, I used them on my pizza as a topping along with shredded red onions, peperoncini and shiitake mushrooms/button mushrooms as well as Daiya cheddar style shreds. Yum to all potatoes!

Based both in Oregon and worldwide, Taiwanese vegan Rika runs an international and travel vegan blog since July 2011. She documents and photographs vegan cuisine, airports/lounges, groceries, products and home cooking. She also spends her time abroad caring for and feeding feral cats and dogs. You can find her on Twitter and Pinterest

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