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From Huffington Post: Oslo Fashion Week Bans Fur (POLL).  

Veganism isn’t just about diet. It’s about omitting all animal products. Supporting one end of the trade supports even those omitted and so the abuse that is endured is still endorsed. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming because animal products pop up virtually everywhere, but taking small steps and shifting gears and habits, it is easy to find that even in a non-vegan world, there is a vegan one full of endless options. No one is perfect (from reading my posts, you know that for as long as I have been vegan, I too make mistakes), but we all try and intention is everything, so start here: no fur, no leather, no wool.

If you click on that link to the HuffPo article, you can vote in the site poll, which as of Wednesday evening looked like this:

Is that it? Only 86 percent of voters are anti-fur? NOT ENOUGH!

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