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Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, Apr. 6, the Upper Haight Farmers’ Market is back in business! Time to get your seasonal produce on, my people! One of the lovely organizers, Meghan, says the following about available vegan selections:

We are going to have lots of vegan options again this year: Scream Sorbet, East and West Afghan Food (everything they have is vegan except their yogurt dip), Gorilla Pete’s Hot Dogs will have a vegan sausage,* Flour Chylde Bakery has vegan kalamata olive bread, Montclair Skincare—all their products are vegan! Sinbad Restaurant and Grill has wonderful vegan salads and meals, and finally all the wonderful produce

The market will run from Apr. 6 through Oct. 26 on Wednesdays from 4 to 8 p.m.

Sounds awesome! Shop there! And fan them on Facebook because it’s the future and that’s how we do! OH AND ALSO: they’re giving away bags to the first 50 customers who use the secret word of the day, which will be revealed Wednesday on their FB page! SO DO IT.

*the buns aren’t vegan. YET! so please ask nicely for vegan buns and until then, buy a sausage and eat it in the kalamata bread HELLO DELICIOUS. Speaking of DELICIOUS:
Find sexy bananas at the Upper Haight Farmers Hammock! I mean MARKET. And probably not bananas because that would be weird, right? Certainly not local!

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