Let’s go see Breeze Harper speak at UC Berkeley! Wednesday, Nov 16, be there.   »

What are you doing on Wednesday night? Going to this lecture, obvi! We can sit next to each other. Maybe compare notes (sometimes I miss college, especially that part about being in my early twenties. Just kidding! I miss sunning on the quad the knowledge expansion!)
Although I haven’t read Sistah Vegan yet, I have watched some of A. Breeze Harper’s videos here. I’m so excited to see her in person. Any Vegansaurus readers planning on going? How will we know to sit next to each other? I’ll be wearing the coolest shirt I now own, that’s for sure! 155 Barrows is located here. I know I’ll be leaving my apt in SF 3 hours early to ensure when I get lost, I’ll still have time to make it to the event when it starts.

In case you missed it:
What: Critical Race Approaches to Animal Rights and Veganism featuring A. Breeze Harper
When: Wednesday November 16th 6 - 7:30pm
Where: 155 Barrows (UC Berkeley Campus)

It’s free! Let’s go! And you know, Saturn Cafe is right around the corner! Beer! Vegan Nachos! This is going to be a grand night, I can tell.

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