Wow. PCRM, you’ve outdone yourself. Apparently this is some attention-seeking gimmick they proposed to American Airlines. Well, congrats, here’s your attention: you’re super fucking low. I personally feel bullied by this commercial. Seriously, you’re scumbags. 

So the message is that meat makes you fat and people that eat meat are fat. So calling a bunch of people fat is how you gain…what, exactly? I’m guessing contempt. And they claim they are all about health but we’re talking about elbow room? Where’s the health message? 

If I’m the vegan an omnivore gets seated next to, do they get their $10 back because I’m not skinny? Really they should have to pay $20 to sit next to a fat vegan—we have all the best snacks!

For real, this is sickening. It makes me not want to be vegan. Or at the very least, it makes me question ever using PCRM as a source for information. I used to refer people to their site a lot for info about animal testing and now I’d just be so embarrassed to do that. The cheese ads were bad but I wasn’t going to dismiss the organization completely for one fucked up campaign. But if this is their thing now? No, I don’t want to be associated with a bunch of bullying lowlifes. 

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