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You guys, I am no longer watching Damages because it has hurt my life too much. First of all, Allen is not pleased by the lounging around I do in the dark waiting for him, and my coworkers are probably unhappy that I skulk around in the shadows wearing a feathered fright-wig and chuckling to myself. I don’t know of it’s the chuckling or the wig they’re concerned about, though. I am a very loud chuckler. I’m also back at work full-time so I don’t have time to watch anything, much less an engrossing hour-long show that requires me to remember things that are not in the “previously on” scenes. I’ve got to find more half-hour comedies.

One of the half-hour comedies I do enjoy is Raising Hope which is adorable, clever and providing Cloris Leachman with work. And you guys know she needs it. The royalties from The Facts of Life have long since dried up. Even Nancy McKeon is looking for work and Blair is writing books about how to homeschool children (obviously). It also features Martha Plimpton who is like my favorite. She was in a movie called Samantha that I used to watch like fifteen times a day but can’t even find on VHS anymore (do you have a copy? Call me!). All of the things you just read are not important because I want to talk about my favorite person, Kate Micucci. Dude, this girl is legit. She acts, she sings, and she made this amazing video¬†about hunting using babies as the hunter and the deer:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]
God, I really want her to be my friend. You reading this, Kate? Call me! Do you have a copy of Samantha?

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on¬†!]

This next link comes from our friend Amy who sent me a video of a man being hit by a pigeon shooter driving a fancy car (I drive public transportation so any car is fancy!).

There are two issues here; The first is that the article claims that pigeon shooters are above the law (no mention of whether police intervened after the hit and run in the article, though), but I think the bigger issue is that no one should be hitting anyone with a car. I don’t care if you’re a pigeon shooter or not, do not hit people with your vehicle! Second, don’t shoot pigeons. Girl, you do not even know. Sometimes I think about shit that happens and I’m all “that’s pretty bad for animals. I bet nothing could be worse,” and then the Internet proves me wrong once again by telling me about people who release live pigeons and then shoot them for fun and prizes. Prizes!

Finally, I give you the skin gun! I know this has nothing to do with animals, but my god, have you seen this? It shoots skin onto your burned skin! And then it regenerates! And then your skin looks hella good and you don’t even need to not go out anymore and live underneath an opera house and bother Sarah Brightman eight shows a week! You can even star in the show!

That’s all for this week. Send me links for next week and have a graft-free Wednesday!

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