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I went to brunch with the omnis this past weekend and we decided to go to Curly’s Lunch in Manhattan. I had never been there but I will be back! It was kind of awesome. It’s just vegetarian but they say they will veganize anything on the menu, “just ask.” How sweet? So sweet! I got the Slumberjack breakfast, vegan style. Vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, Curly’s fries and “sham” (fake ham). First of all, I love the name, “slumberjack” and I’m going to have to work it into my regular parlance. It may be difficult but I ain’t never scared! Second, it was the JAM. So good! I loved the sham and the tofu scramble was especially good as far as tofu scrambles go. The pancakes were excellent but I could have done without the fries. I know it’s their thing but curly fries for breakfast? Kind of ick. The omnis got the Slumberjack too but not veganized so theirs came with eggs and whatnot. They were very pleased—they even ate the veggie bacon! I was so proud.

They had a special that day, vegan gumbo. I loved my pancakes and all but vegan gumbo? Yes please! I will get it next time, if they still have it. Or maybe vegan french toast. Who can say!

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