NEWSFLASH: Plant Cafe is open at 101 California!!  »

I know this is exciting news for nobody but me because our readers all have twee creative-class jobs like “writer” and “pop culture strategist” and work in airy Dogpatch lofts (or at home in their sweatpants and own filth), but for everyone who slogs to their depressing-ass desk job in the bizarro world that is the Financial District, PLANT CAFE IS NOW OPEN AT 101 CALIFORNIA! I reported on this previously and promised to follow up as soon as they opened, so here’s your follow-up. I owe back taxes and I’m living in piles of unpacked moving detritus, but I am bringing this information to you efficient-style, because it is clearly Very Important.

Some things to note about this location, vs. the Pier 3 location which was previously the closest to my office (though still too far to walk over, wait 45 minutes for food, and walk back in under an hour):

There’s a bit more of a focus on prepared to-go foods, which is probably the right call, since the prevailing culture down here in bizarro world is picking up your depressing processed foods wrapped in plastic and eating them alone at your desk. Except now, you can be enjoying delicious salads out of compostable plastic containers with this amazing creamy dressing (vegan! made out of macadamia nuts!), “sprouted” bagels with almond butter for breakfast, and the famous Wasabi Burger (GET IN MAH BELLY.) It looks a little more like an airport, maybe because of the to-go focus and the fridge cases, or maybe because the menu is projected on flat screens like departure times.

Yes, they do have the amazing Plant Burger on the menu at this location. I’ve only been once (this morning, for breakfast, where I ate the sprouted bagel and the salad), so I can’t comment on the lunch scene but I will definitely be back. Maybe not every day, because I’m trying to save money in 2K10 and DANG THIS PLACE IS HELLA EXPENSIVE.

But the value of good, whole, delicious foods and fresh juices in this location is priceless, so the portion of my budget that does go to prepared lunches will now be going only to this Plant Cafe.

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