Vegan snack box coming to your door!  »

Heads up! Vegansaurus sponsor Vegan Cuts is doing a monthly vegan snack box subscription thing and I’m pretty excited. I loved this idea when Lollihop did it but I understand they folded? I’m pretty confident Vegan Cuts can pull through though—they seem to be super successful (no, I’m totes not jealous they have twice as many FB fans as us!).┬áSeptembers box is sold out but you can apparently pre-order for October like I did.

There’s also a super-healthy vegan and gluten-free (soy-free too!) snack box subscription, Healthy Surprise. I believe we will have a review of that soon but you can read the site to get an idea about what kind of snacks come in the box.

I love snacks and I love getting things in the mail—it’s perfect! Really though, what’s better than snacks and getting stuff in the mail? Nothing!

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