So Necessary: 55K Crocodile skin backpack from the Olsen Twins. Yes.  »


This edition of So Necessary is brought to you by the Olsen twins. This backpack the two young women just unveiled is priced at $55,000 and made from the skin of Nile crocodiles. How rude indeed. 

It may surprise you to hear that animals bred specifically to be skinned for accessories aren’t generally treated very humanely. Shocker, I know. But need a reminder? I have one for you (warning: this gets the coveted graphic as fuck rating):

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

For those not watching the movie—and I don’t blame you—it’s the usual stuff: torture, animals being skinned alive, blatant cruelty and inhumanity. But obvi this bag is totes worth it. And I didn’t even address the prescription meds decorating it. How completely out-of-the-box! No really, it’s truly, truly outrageous. Good job Olsens, I dub thee scumbags. 

Via Ecorazzi


So Necessary: Rabbit-fur iPad case!  »

Score one for humanity! This rabbit-fur iPad cover from Jagger Edge is uggo times a thousand. It’s from their V.I.P. collection, as in “Very Important Purchase.” VIP? More like V-O-M! Am I right? And over at shopbop, you can purchase your very own for $198!

They also have amazing rabbit-fur iPhone cases that are equally as uggo but smaller. The description for the iPhone cases is great: “Handmade in California U.S.A. 100% fine fur as a result each has it’s own unique character + EDGE! These made to order, high luxury iPhone covers are for the style maven a cut above the rest.” EDGE, you say? Well then! Skin the bunnies!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: it comes in pink. Cuddle up with that.


So necessary: ugly feather shorts!  »

Who doesn’t need ugly feather shorts? Originally $545, these are on sale for $218—HUZZAH! Basically, you’re losing money if you don’t buy them.

I can’t find a ton of info on ostrich feathers and cruelty but everyone seems to be in agreement that they are plucked while the birds are alive. Here’s a bit from Veg for Life:

Contrary to what you would like to think, these feathers do not fall out naturally; the feathers are either plucked while the bird is still alive or removed after the bird is slaughtered.

Ostriches, raised for their meat, leather, eggs, and feathers, naturally roam the open plains and live upwards of 75 years. Farmed ostriches are confined to small spaces, often indoors, and slaughtered at only 12 to 14 months.

So, that’s not so great. BUT THEY’RE ON SALE! I’m sure the birds appreciate that.


So Necessary: Crocodile purse, WITH FACE  »

Reader Andi was kind enough to send in this picture she snapped at the Detroit airport:

Oh my god, the HORROR! It’s a crocodile purse with the CROCODILE’S HEAD STILL ATTACHED. This is too much. Are those the crocodile’s legs, too? Jesus Christmas. Let’s all have a collective shudder.

Andi says this is part of a display of products that aren’t allowed to be brought in from overseas. Thank god! Then again, maybe if this were sold here, it would force some crocodile purse-wearers to see the origin of their headless bags. Could dissuade some people, maybe? I don’t know, people still buy “lambskin” products. I’m like, it says “LAMB” in the title, as in “baby sheep,” that doesn’t turn you off? Crazies.

Ok, I have to go vom. Check you later. Oh! And feel free to send me ugly, expensive non-vegan fashion. Thanks Andi!


So Necessary: the worst foot coverings in the world! Including leather socks and the most hideous Uggs yet!  »

My favorite thing about the fashion world is that they are always finding innovative and impressively degenerate uses for animal carcasses. So here I am, back with more uggo and immorally expensive non-vegan fashion!

I mean, who DOESN’T need leather socks? Not only are they practical, but they definitely don’t make you look like a platypus. I imagine they are like little sweat-lodges for each foot—cozy! You guys, in some countries they don’t even have leather socks. They have to wear cloth socks. VOM. And at $219 a pair? These [dead] babies are priced to move. I can’t WAIT until they come out in kids sizes. A+ Rachel Comey! You go, girl. Give them what they never knew they wanted.

Guess what guys, I found some more awesome and inhumane socks for you! I’m the best. This pair of socks to the right is $500 from Rodarte. You know what I love about these socks? Besides the price? You can’t wash them! Genius! Socks you can’t wash. See, they are made from alpaca wool and angora. Angora comes from BUNNIES, yall; cute-ass bunnies like Nuage from Vegansaurus favorite Potentially Nervous. From what I understand, an angora rabbit owner can comb out hair when they molt or give a gentle haircut to their bun, but commercial angora production is very different. There’s factory farms, ripped-out hair, and ulcerated feet. Check out this video of what they say is an SPCA-approved shearing method in New Zealand. Um, that may be the kindest in commercial angora production but that video makes me really uncomfortable. I mean, I wouldn’t get on a limb stretcher like that without a safe word. And daddy issues. It’s effed.

What I’m really jazzed about, though, are these totally sweet Uggs! Jimmy Choo has joined forces with Uggs to create their new line, “Crimes Against Humanity.” Well that’s not the name of the line, but it should be. They should form a UN task force that exclusively addresses these atrocities—atrocities that clock in at a mean $595.

I have two comments on Uggs in general: under no circumstances should they ever be worn—Uggs are trashy and make you look like a 13-year-old mallrat from 2005, and there’s a world of snow boots out there, dive in;  second, SHEARLING is FUR: pass it on. People don’t seem to understand this. I’m not going to say people are dumb, but: people are kind of dumb. It’s the skin of a sheep with the wool attached; that’s fur, brainiac. If you don’t wear fur, don’t wear shearling.

That’s all for So Necessary today! Way to be, fashion. Stay pretty!

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