Hayes Valley Farm is making improvements! Can you spare some change to help?  »

We’ve written before about cool things happening at the Hayes Valley Farm. While it’s not an exclusively vegan farm (they have a bee colony that produces honey), their main focus is growing food sustainably and teaching others to do the same. They have a variety of classes, from yoga at the farm to Soil 101, and you can stop on by and visit the farm during their visiting hours to get involved, or just to see what’s up. It’s pretty awesome; when I first moved to San Francisco in 2008, the spot on Octavia and Laguna where the farm now lies was just an abandoned chunk of old freeway off-ramp. Now, in under two years, the area has been completely transformed and is now a functional, sustainable farm. Pretty inspiring for anyone who has ever tried to get a project off the ground in San Francisco!

Now, the Hayes Valley Farm is trying to raise money to improve the farm and expand their outreach and education programs. They’ve put together a Kickstarter package (Kickstarter is an online fundraising tool), and with three days left to pledge money, they’re just $3,000 short of their goal. If you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, consider donating to the farm!

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