Moya: the new Ethiopian hotnesss—go there immediately  »

Moya is a new Ethiopian restaurant at 1044 Folsom St. (between 6th and 7th Streets), at the bottom of a residential hotel (y’ know how we do.) Get in there if you know what’s good for you.

The first thing you need to know is, it is fucking delicious. It’s handmade by a mom (and some other ladies), and the hip, adorable daughter (dig their Twitter! The bio is amazing!) waits on you. The food is hot, spicy, clean, and clearly made with care. They’re super conscientious about making things vegan, and they have all-teff (read: gluten-free) injera!

That’s the second thing you need to know. All-teff injera! Teff is hella expensive because there is a shortage in Africa (which is why most African places here cut their teff foods with wheat or other grains), but we can totally exploit our position as a first-world country and buy the black gold! For $2 more per injera order, in fact. WORTH IT. It’s rich and dark and makes you feel all wholesome and bursting with health like a tribal warrior yoga teacher in Rainbow Grocery. And it gets on your hands in this delicious primal way. All-teff injera or bust, from now on.  

The veggie combo is amazing, a cut above your average plate, but really don’t miss the Shuro. It’s a proprietary blend of chickpeas and magic and it tastes like spicy melted butter. Mix it with everything on the veggie plate, slop it onto injera by itself, and rub it all over your body. When the relatively small pot of it is gone, cry about it.

Also, they have tofu tibs! It’s great! Feast your eyes:

The one thing they don’t have is a beer and wine license (yet? maybe?) but what? You need alcohol at every meal, you big lush? Okay, that’s fair! Go get some dranks before or after at City Beer Store and Terroir wine shop! They’re both about a block away and filled with magical beer and wine deliciousness!

All day on Tuesday, Aug. 31 they’re having a grand opening party with lunch specials and cooking demos! I’ll be there! And since they serve lunch every day, I’ll be there most of the time!


Sightglass Coffee is looking for vegan pastry suggestions!  »

Sightglass Coffee could very well be the best place to get coffee in San Francisco. Sightglass, owned by brothers Jerad and Justin Morrison, hasn’t completely opened yet; they’re still serving from a kiosk in the garage of their 7th Street location while they finish construction. But the coffee is excellent (beans by Verve until they start roasting on-site) and poured by skilled baristas. Bonus Yelp stars: they don’t add the 50¢ “vegan tax” if you ask for soy milk.

This is where you, vegan-with-opinions/attitude, come in: they haven’t settled on what pastries and baked goods to serve. They’d like to offer vegan options, but they’re not plugged into the vegan baking universe and are looking for suggestions. So if you have ideas/cravings for the best part of waking up, post them here, and we’ll pass them along. And no, it wouldn’t be crass to pimp your own bakery. They need ideas!

Of the crop of new coffee shops to open in SF (what the truly obsessed are calling “third wave coffee”) only Ritual has made any effort to keep a reliable supply of vegan pastries in stock. Four Barrel serves bacon donuts, Blue Bottle has lard cookies, and neither has shown much interest in catering to vegans (That said: coffee and thai coconuts at Trouble in the Sunset? Best combo ever). If Sightglass served vegan pastries, it would literally double my second breakfast options. Because what the world always needs more of is breakfast.


Dude. They’ve got vegan cheeseburger pizza at the SOMA Whole Foods. HOW DOES JOHN MACKEY EXPECT US TO GET THIN WHEN HE’S ALSO DOING SHIT LIKE THIS TOO?
Oh well.
Thanks Jenna!

Dude. They’ve got vegan cheeseburger pizza at the SOMA Whole Foods. HOW DOES JOHN MACKEY EXPECT US TO GET THIN WHEN HE’S ALSO DOING SHIT LIKE THIS TOO?

Oh well.


Thanks Jenna!


Island Earth Farmers’ Market shut down by Board of Health!?  »

According to friend of Vegansaurus, Kim (Hi Kim!), The Island Earth Farmers’ Market at the Metreon had all their hot food vendors shut down by the Board of Health today. Those mothers don’t play. It’s apparently some kind of permitting/bureaucratic crackdown (and not a health code violation! Phew!).

One of the vendors told Kim that there’s some kind of appeal meeting tomorrow. Trying to find out where it is because I’ve been quite enjoying that market, 3rd World feel and all.


Vegan grilled cheese a possibility!  »

The American is a new grilled cheese restaurant opening in South Park (January-ish, we gather?), and we have heard through the grapevine that some vegan options may be included in the final menu. Currently, vegan grilled cheese is only available in SF at Ike’s Place.

Follow them on Twitter to stay apprised for now!


The SOMA Whole Foods is playing catch-up with the Potrero Hill location. Yes, that’s four kinds of salad we now have to choose from. Riches abound!

The SOMA Whole Foods is playing catch-up with the Potrero Hill location. Yes, that’s four kinds of salad we now have to choose from. Riches abound!


AMC Loews Metreon!  »

The Metreon theater is probably my favorite place in San Francisco to see a (non-indie*) movie because it’s in close proximity to the new Island Earth Farmers’ Market deliciousness (um, in the same building). You can grab some vegan snackities and sneak them into the theater (oh and check out VegNews list of vegan friendly movie theater fare…red vines, holla!) and then get ready for the show of your life because this theater can get <3 GHETTO <3.

Seeing a movie here makes me so thankful that i have safe and legal access to RU-486. I mean, what kind of a human being brings their child to see Saw XL: SERIAL KILLERS EATING BABY FACES?! That’s some straight Britney Spears shit there. That woman should be imprisoned for life and I should be given her kid to raise on an island with only tree bark for food and sea shells for reading material. Believe me, the child would be far better off. And by far better off, I mean famished, dehydrated and dumb as dirt. So as I was saying, far better off.

PRO TIP! When the box office line is out of control, go UPSTAIRS and buy your ticket from the automated machines by the snack bar. There’s never a wait. YOU’RE WELCOME.

*oh like you never jerked it to Hilary Duff, LIAR.


Ted’s Market!  »

It’s all well and good that we have restaurants like Herbivore and Cha-Ya, fine all-vegan establishments that they are. But vegans don’t have to be ghettoized, consigned to eat only with our own kind in where places no gung-ho carnivore would set foot*. Sometimes vegan options turn up in the most unexpected places. It’s like finding Incan gold** (um, except without the genocide).

Ted’s Market is a corner store deli (but not on the corner, go figure) with your usual array of sandwich fixings. The real reason to come here, though, is the vegan salami sandwich. Get one with avocado, hold the cheese & mayo, and delight in the fact that you can enjoy your neighborhood deli just like the “normals”***. I’m not saying Ted’s can hold a candle to Ike’s Place, but it’s a nice alternative when you can’t make it all the way to the Castro, say. Moreover, Ted’s proves the point that a business can make small concessions like this to vegans without bending over backwards, and everybody ends up happier. Except for those of us who show up after 5:00, when the deli counter closes.

The website notes that, “there is one vegetarian/vegan soup offered daily (subject to cook’s temperamant.[sic]” Love this for many reasons: sassy cook, sassy website, sassy spelling! Bring us the sass, Ted! Oh, they also have vegan chili! Get that when you’ve had your wisdom teeth out like me and can’t eat hard foods. In fact, I am very pathetic right now. Send me ice cream. And money. Mainly money, seems to be the only cure for this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PAIN.

*Although, it must be noted that many gung-ho carnivores go apeshit for places like Cha-Ya that don’t offer any fake meat because they feel the food is more pure and vegans should just eat vegetables and wheatgrass. These people are ASSHOLES. I don’t eat meat not because it doesn’t taste good, but because I don’t want to contribute to the destruction of the earth and its inhabitants, ASSHOLE.

**That’s today’s history lesson, Sherman!

***normals = ASSHOLES!


ZPizza featuring Daiya vegan cheese to open in San Francisco!  »

ZPizza is opening SOMETIME IN 2009 (that’s THIS year, fools!) at 833 Mission Street (at 4th Street). Yes, THE ZPizza of serving Daiya cheese fame (it’s vegan! it melts! it stretches! It’s AMAZING!) fame. Quarrygirl reports on ZPizza being super fucking delicious and according to our sources, this is absolutely correct. You can get a super-fancy organic pizza with Daiya vegan cheese DELIVERD TO YOUR DOOR WE CANNOT FUCKING WAIT WE WILL BE BRINGING YOU TO-THE-MINUTE UPDATES ON THIS BITCH LADY.

If you live farther out in the boonies, you can currently get ZPizza in Danville, Fremont, Livermore (opening soon!), Moutain View and San Ramon! (Update: We just called the Mountain View location, and it appears they won’t be getting Daiya for about two weeks, so be sure to ask!)

You can DOWNLOAD (ugh WHY) the PDF menu (ugh WHY) here.

*So that’s SOMA. Why not in the Mission!? Fuck all our current pizza places, burn them to the ground and put up ZPizza, plz! CALM DOWN, I’m kidding! Serrano’s can stay.


Updated: Island Earth Farmers Market!  »

Hey you guys! There are big things happening inside the Metreon with Island Earth Farmers Market, and when you hear it, you will flip.

First, the market has expanded! They’ve got new vendors, including Kingdom Cake, a cupcakery whose menu lists five vegan flavors: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, coconut, and basil lemon blueberry; All Star Tamales, with a “vegi-vegan” tamale; Vn’V Momo, with a veggie momo (yes please); Soleil’s African Kitchen, where it would appear a vegan could eat chef Soleil Banguid’s fried plantains (maybe the beignet de banane? That life should be so fair); and El Porteño, where the humita Argentinian empanada appears to be animal-free.

Secondly—and this sounds pretty terrific—Island Earth has introduced what they’re calling “Curb to Your” service, which is basically just what it sounds like: you shop at the farmers market, leave your purchases there, go about the rest of your day/errands/whatever, and call when you’re ready to pick up your stuff. Apparently “they” will bring all your purchases out to you, “without the shopper having to leave their car”! AMAZING! That is some convenience, there. Is the produce worth it? Are the new foods? Vegansaurus will find out for you, though probably not in a car. I don’t suppose “they” would bring your bags to a bus stop or Muni/BART station—yet.

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