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I ran across this post on¬†about songbirds and the paper industry. Apparently, “logging of the boreal forest in Canada and Siberia is happening at a lightning-quick pace that is proving too speedy for many that live there.” What can you do? Buy recycled paper! has a similar story and tells us this issue is especially relevant during the holiday season: “Americans throw away up to 25 percent more garbage (5 million tons more than the average daily amount of 3.5 pounds of garbage we usually throw away) between Thanksgiving and the New Year.” Yowza! That’s a lot of wrapping paper! And most of it isn’t even recyclable so it has to end up in the trash (unless you recycle it yourselfget crafty!).

There are many companies that sell recycled wrapping paper but the easiest way to save trees (and birds in those trees) is not to buy wrapping paper at all. I generally wrap presents in old newspapers during the year but my mom keeps us rich in Christmas wrapping paper so I usually wrap all my presents with that. Not next year! Actually, my brother and his wife did the whole newspaper-wrapping this year. They decorated the paper with cut outs from magazines (mine had puppies and female action heros, my dad’s had naked chicks)—they were fun! And more importantly, recycled.¬†

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This week in the magazine, Jonathan Franzen reports on the widespread killing of songbirds in Europe. Here Franzen talks with Deborah Treisman about why so many people in Mediterranean countries are shooting, trapping, and eating songbirds, what is being done to stop the practice, and what chances bird populations have of surviving.

We’d recommend reading the article, but the New Yorker hasn’t made it available to nonsubscribers. BOO GIVE US FREE THINGS. No no, we understand. Just, you know, if any of you wants to let us borrow your copy of this issue when you’re done with it, that’d be awfully sweet of you.

And good job freeing some little songbirds, Jonathan Franzen! It thaws our cold, cynical hearts just a teeny, tiny fraction of a degree.

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