Tonight: Vegan happy hour at Source in San Francisco!  »

The rumors are true—Source now carries organic, GMO-free wines and beers!


To celebrate, we’re hosting our own vegan beer and food fest on our patio, from 4 to 6:30 tonight, Wednesday, March 27. We’ll be serving all-you-can-drink beer and house wines, as well as some tasty bites including mac n’cheese, chocolate stout cake, salads, and bruschetta.

It costs $25, but if you picked up a Source pin on our anniversary, we’ll take $5 off. What a steal, right? Small bites, dessert, AND drinks for $20-$25? This shindig is my little brainchild, and if it’s a success, I’ll get the green light to keep it up, which I’d like to do probably once a month!

Let’s party, vegans—and be sure to bring your omni/vegetarian friends. What better way to show them the thrills of veganism than with cake and beer? 

Source is located at 11 Division St. in San Francisco. Call us for more details at 864-9000. See you tonight!



Second anniversary party at Source in SF on Saturday!   »

Hey San Franciscans—Source restaurant is throwing a second anniversary party and you’re invited! We’ll be serving our tremendously popular and incredibly delicious brisket platter, which includes smothered moo brisket, creamed spinach, candied yams, cranberry relish, and my favorite—macaroni salad! I don’t know what we’re going to do for dessert yet, but there will definitely be a large assortment of gluten-free goodies, including Twinkees and chocolate Heaven Dogs. 

I can’t wait till Saturday! 

In addition to the festivities (read: feeding frenzy), we’ll be giving away Source buttons as a thank-you to our customers for keeping us inspired, motivated, and excited about what we’ve been doing at the restaurant for the last two years! We ordered quite a few of them, but when they run out, they run out. If you get your hands on one, make sure to wear it on future visits for FREEBIES! (If I see you wearing one, you’re getting dessert on me!) 
These stylish adornments were made by our friend the lovely Jen at Never Felt Better

Source’s second anniversary is tomorrow, Saturday, March 8. We’ll serve brunch and our full menu from 11am until 2:30pm; after that we’ll serve our full menu and the brisket platter until we close at 10pm! If you weren’t aware, Source is BYOB—and stay tuned, as we should be getting our wine and beer license in the next couple of weeks! 

See you tomorrow! MENTION THIS POST, VEGANSAURUS READERS (or just mention Vegansaurus, whatever you like), FOR 10 PERCENT OUR ENTIRE MENU ALL DAY SATURDAY! Thanks for supporting us for the last two years!

Source is located at 11 Division St. in San Francisco. Call us for more details or inquires about reservations and take-out orders at 864-9000.


Beyond meat is beyond delicious!   »

Ahahahaha! You are gonna have to forgive me for that title, it’s late! I want to be watching 30 Rock on Netflix, but I can’t rest until I deliver the news about Beyond Meat!

I’m super into it. Here’s the deal: it’s very chicken-y, so if you aren’t into faux meats, you probably won’t be into it. I on the other hand, love faux meats, as I didn’t go vegan because I hated the taste or texture of meat, and sometimes I miss it. So there! [Ed.: And it freakily shreds like real dead animal! So amazing! And I think the texture is better than Gardein… less, rubbery? Or something. And almost like, grisly and fatty! YUM.] Anyway, Beyond Meat reminds me of Gardein, except it’s gluten and nearly grain-free.* This is good news for me, because grains tend to hurt my stomach. Also, it’s not pre-seasoned! I’m into this because I like cooking so much so, that I want to season everything myself! Those Gardein chicken strips are ever-so-slightly seasoned, but seasoned nonetheless.

However, Beyond Meat isn’t available to buy pre-packaged like Gardein yet; I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. Oh yeah, I met the creators and they are super cool! We took a picture together, maybe one day I will see it on the internet; man, I hope I was sitting up straight and not blinking.

All grilled up and ready to be consumed by the masses me!

In San Francisco, I’ve spotted Beyond Meat at the Haight Street Whole Foods and Source restaurant! You know, my place of work. We got a couple bags to try out and luckily the chef is into it! So we’ll get a large shipment on Monday, and we’ll have it in specials or you can request to replace it for ‘cluck’ in any regular menu item. Isn’t that exciting? Your very special day to try Beyond Meat is coming! Let us know what you think when you eat it, I can’t wait to discuss!

[Ed.: It should be at all S.F. Bay Area Whole Foods by the end of next week. I purchased it in Redwood City and in San Rafael in their curry chicken salad in prepared foods—this is the only way I’ve seen to purchase it retail—so I’m pretty sure it’s errywhere! Oh, and here’s there rapidly expanding list of places to buy it!]

*Beyond Meat contains the grain amaranth.


First anniversary party at Source this weekend! Mention this post for a 10 percent discount on Friday!  »

Source restaurant in San Francisco (you know the one) is celebrating its first anniversary tomorrow, Friday, March 9, and of course we’re are having a special party platter!

You don’t want to miss this brisket, it is the BEST. Did you have Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s with us? (Here’s a little reminder for you.) Now here’s another special chance to boogie down with a delicious ENTIRELY vegan meal!

Wow, can you believe it’s been a year? I sure can’t! Actually, I’ve only been there about nine months, but I’m still helping to celebrate; by making the strawberry truffles for dessert!* 

Here’s the deal, Vegansaurus readers: Not only is this platter discounted as a thank-you to customers, if you mention this very post, you get another 10 percent off! Though the special is happening all weekend, you only get your reader’s discount on Friday. Clear your calendar! And if you come in before 5 p.m., you’ll probably see me, finishing up the pastries and chowing down on some brisket! You know, just doing me.

In case you needed some more incentive to stop by, here’s a small sample of my work: the living strawberry cheesecake and strawberry snowball! All of our desserts will also be available, as well as the full menu. See you this weekend!

*Yours truly, the pastry chef of Source, is making strawberry TRUFFLES for dessert! You don’t want to miss it. I don’t want you to miss it!

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