NYC: Mexican Radio is celebrating World Vegan Month!  »


We got this message from Mexican Radio on our fb:

In celebration of World Vegan Month, we’re highlighting our extensive vegan menu and adding a number of rarely offered dishes like Vegan Mac’n’Cheese and Elotes Mercato.

For all of November, buy a Vegan appetizer and an entrée and we’ll throw in the vegan dessert for FREE!

I’ve been here like twice and I was pretty pleased. ESPECIALLY with the plantain dessert! It’s like whoa. I’ve never seen vegan Elotes Mercato before so I’m stoked about that too. Cool! Good going, Mexican Radio!

Is anyone going to check it out?


Beyond Skin shoes RULE! Get your own pair with 10 percent off for Vegansaurus readers!  »

Now, you all know Megan Rascal loves shoes. My absolute favorite shoe brand is the vegan UK company Beyond Skin. They are nothing short of awesome: not only are their shoes beautiful and well made, but Beyond Skin is devoted to ensuring the workers who make their shoes aren’t exploited. On top of that, they make every effort to be environmentally friendly! Could you die? I could die. Super-fly shoes that neither contribute to nor result from the abuse of animals, humans or the earth? Those are all the things I care about!

Celebrities like Leona Lewis (you know you like that song) have been spotted in Beyond Skin shoes but more importantly, so have I! I own several pairs and can attest that they do in fact rule. If you are tired of cheap (or worse, expensive) vegan shoes that fall apart, these are the shoes for you. I’ve had all my pairs for years and they are still in great condition. They are also comfy! The best part about them: omnivores are ALWAYS drooling over them!* The second best part about them: they say, “genuinely not leather” on the bottom! Ha!

These shoes are not cheap. They’re kind of the same price as leather shoes. But I have good news! Beyond Skin is having a big sale now, AND Vegansaurus readers get a 10 percent discount on top of that! Just enter the code “vegansaurus10" at checkout. This offer is good for one week only—it starts tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 6, and ends next Thursday, Jan. 13, so get on that! Currently, I’m really into the the white booties (ha, booty) pictured above. I’m also into these red kitten heels:

They are simple but dead sexy. Beyond Skin is great with the toe shape; it’s the perfect mix of rounded and pointy. I also like low heels because you know none of the boys I date have cars.

They don’t have a U.S. retailer yet but they do ship worldwide. Take note, the prices are in British pounds! That gosh-dang U.S. dollar. Gets on my last nerve. Use the vegansaurus10 code and alleviate your exchange-rate suffering a little!

*Then I’m like, “they’re vegan!” and the omnis are like, “Megan, I assumed. You don’t have to say that every time.”


Vegansaurus NYC: Babycakes Holiday Menu Is Up!  »

cookie sandwich

The first time I went to Babycakes a couple years ago, I was all “EW HEALTH FOOD CUPCAKE DEVIL.” Recently, though, I cut back on sugar and wheat, and one or both of these things has happened: my palate is more sensitive, OR Babycakes has gotten WAY WAY better.

Seriously, though, Babycakes is not for the junky-junk food lovers; it’s more for those (enviably restrained) people who claim they “actually don’t really like sweets” and the rest of us who would rather have some sugar with our cupcakes than some cupcakes with our sugar.

THAT SAID, Babycakes’s holiday menu is up on their blog for all to drool over. It includes things like candy cane cake, apple crumb cake, and frosted pumpkin loaves. AND I went today and they have cookie sandwiches strewn about the display cases. They are TOPS. Eat them with me now.

Image: samsvegandiner

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