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Have you been to Spices? You shouldn’t have to think. With dishes like “Numbing Spicy Salad Noodle”, this Chinese mouth-on-fire hole-in-the-wall is hard to forget. My location of choice, nestled in the depths of Oakland’s Chinatown seems like an unlikely contender for vegan options, but to the contrary… I think they love us.

The menu is chock-full of carefully marked vegetarian items, of such volume and variety that a decision was HELLA hard to come by. We got the vegetarian chow mein (by default made with eggless noodles!) and IT WAS SPICY! I’ve never had a chow mein so HAWT. Come to think about it, I’ve never had one that was so delicious.

We also ordered a tofu vegetable curry, which came out on fire (literally) and it was pretty tasty. It might make you sweat a little. It is worth noting that they know how to cook tofu much better than I do.

But it got really exciting when I caught a glimpse of “fried tofu snowed in garlic”. They really did snow it in garlic. The tofu was crispy and it was delicious. I just want to encourage you not to eat a chunk of the fried garlic when your friend dares you. You’ll be off aromatic root vegetables for a week.

Anyway, they give you complimentary tea, the prices are low, the food is plentiful. And they’ve got three locations—conveniently titled Spices!, Spices! 2, and Spices! 3—two in San Francisco at 294 8th Ave. and 291 6th Ave., and one in Oakland at 369 12th St. Go! Get sweaty!

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