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I was overjoyed to discover Green Tara, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free foods company that produces foods with delicious, nutrient-dense spirulina! In Buddhist traditions, the Green Tara is considered the Buddha of enlightened activity. If eating pond scum doesn’t count as enlightened activity, I don’t know what does!

Green Tara sent me their Spirulina Energy Bites, which looked like cubes of dried lawn clippings, and Spirulina Crunchies, a unique dehydrated spirulina product, shaped like Grape-Nuts, which works great on salads, soups, and other raw dishes. I have always loved Spirulina Crunchies (this particular product is also sold by a company called Vivapura, which is also located in Arizona), and put them on my raw vegan salad just to make sure they’re still awesome. They are. The Spirulina Energy Bites have strong coconut notes, and are the perfect size and shape to toss in raw trail mix or eat alone for snack. They’re dense and chewy, and, thankfully, they’re not over-dehydrated.

I am a bit biased, as my partner is the Spirulina Junkie [read our Spirulina Junkie review!] and I love spirulina in many forms, but this Green Tara spirulina is the real deal. I’ve tried some crappy spirulina brands, and they can really turn a person off to algae for no reason! Since spirulina is so high in beta-carotene, iron, and easily absorbed plant protein, it’s a great loss if a poor-tasting batch or brand turns a veg person into an algae abstainer for no reason.

I am glad the Green Tara uses only the best spirulina in its products, and look forward to sharing them with friends and family just getting into the algae!

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[Picture from Green Tara’s website]

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