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If you’ve been following the story of Spork, a 10-year-old dachshund who was on trial in Lafayette, Colo. for biting a vet technician, the verdict is finally in: Spork’s life will be spared; he’s been put on six months’ probation.

If you don’t know the story, basically what happened is Spork went to the vet to get his teeth looked at—because they were going to remove like six of them—and he freaked out and bit the vet tech in the face. He kind of tore her face up. It was pretty bad. What makes the situation confusing is that there is a Colorado state law that exempts veterinary workers from filing claims against dogs if they are bitten at work, but in Lafayette, that is not the case. So even though the bite happened during a vet exam, because it was in Lafayette, the technician could file charges against Spork—and she did.

One possible outcome of Spork’s charge as a vicious dog was that he could have been sent to a kennel for life; he could have even been put to sleep. Luckily for him, the community and local press rallied behind him. He even has a "Save Spork" Facebook fanpage with over 24,000 members! So in the end, Spork is safe after all. AS LONG AS he doesn’t go biting anyone else for the next six months.

I think this story got everyone interested because when you read the details, the poor dog sounded really scared. He totally crapped on his owner just before he bit the vet technician. And just about anyone’s dog could bite someone if s/he’s freaked out enough. Then you just think about what if it was your dog and he was sentenced to death! And there was nothing you could do about it! I would totally high-tail it to Canada, no joke. To be fair though, like I said, he tore the vet tech’s face up pretty bad. But he’s fucking 10 years old and probably has almost no teeth by now, so he’s not exactly a menace to society.

I, for one, am glad little Spork is safe. But I like dogs better than people so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. I will keep you updated, should he bite anyone else. For now, viva el Spork!

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