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I know you guys are going to love Sprout! Why? All but one set of lip balms are vegan, plus: 

All of Sprout’s ingredients are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or sourced from small, family farms. We’re committed to creating the most effective products in the most responsible way, taking all of our ethical obligations into account.

Nice, right? I know you like organic, sustainable, fair trade stuff. Sprout sent me a bunch of samples to test out and now I will tell you all about them!

Overall, I love these products. I tried the vegan lip balm first and it’s nice. Not too heavy like you’ve got icky wax caked on. Then I tried the cleanser. It smells nice, but I don’t really understand it. It’s the consistency of water so I didn’t know how to rub it in exactly. But they say it is great for sensitive skin and I imagine it really is. It’s made with only rose water, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree oil. All of their products are like that—only a few ingredients and no gross chemicals! Like their signature cream is just shea butter, extra-virgin coconut oil, and extra-virgin olive oil. 

The cream is awesome! Very moisturizing. And I had weird patches of skin on my elbows when I got these products so I put the cream on them for a few days and it fixed it! Dang weird elbow skin. 

But the two products I really love are the exfoliant and the body scrub. They might be too rough for sensitive skin but I imagine sensitive skin people don’t exfoliate that often? But if you like exfoliants, you can’t get better than these. The face exfoliant makes your skin so nice and smooth. And the body scrub—that stuff rules. It’s cool because it moisturizes while you’re scrubbing. That seems like such a genius idea, right? Moisturizing while your scrubbing off dead skin, totes genius. 

OK, now that you have my recommendations, I have some good news for you!: Vegan Cuts, everyone’s favorite site for deals on vegan stuff, is having a sale on Sprout starting TODAY!* It’s only for three days so get on that more sooner than later. And get some of that exfoliant!

PS: who else loves the packaging? I’m totally into it!

*Someone pointed out that there’s a Vegan Cuts banner next to this post—they are part of our new vegan-friendly advertising push! That’s not why I linked though, I don’t make any money linking to them. I waited until there was a sale on Sprout to do my review because I know you guys like a sale and like instant gratification.  

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