Gift for the TMZ watcher in your life: celebrity PETA stamps!  »

I know this is totally going to catch you by surprise…

…celebrity PETA stamps! Famous vegetarians! How many of them are vegan? Are you interested in buying these ICONIC* postage stamps?

They are available for purchase, limited time only, here — if not for yourself, maybe me the celeb whore in your life?

Until next time…

*I must just be jealous that I’m not famous enough to be featured on a postage stamp. PETA! I’m here and I’m waiting for you to take notice.

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Stamps for tramps!  »

You know, like Lady and the Tramp: Stamps to the Rescue, along with Ellen and the United States Postal Service, is releasing lovely little stamps highlighting the beautiful little tramps you can find in animals shelters.  There are 10 different stamps, all dogs or cats, and they each have a little story behind them about how that pet ended up in a shelter. Here’s what happen to Teddy (pictured):

        Wired-Haired Jack Russell Terrier
        The owners of Teddy’s mother were surprised when she gave birth to another litter. They couldn’t afford to raise more puppies, so they gave Teddy and his siblings to a shelter. Today, Teddy lives with a loving family, their other Jack Russell, and a cat.

In honor of the new stamps, Halo, Ellen’s pet food brand, is donating 1 million meals to shelter animals.

I love these stamps! I love adopted animals! The next step I guess is to try and remember how to write letters or whatever you need stamps for. My motto is, “if I can’t do it on the internet, it doesn’t get done.” Well, it’s less of a motto, more of a crippling personal flaw. The only thing I actually mail are my Netflix rentals and of course those are pre-paid. I don’t know anyone I want to write a damn letter to! Another problem: I write like a frustrated 10-year-old boy, which makes my letters scary and hard to read. Wait wait wait! Genius idea: let’s all get prison pen-pals and write to them! Better yet, vegan prison pen-pals! Let it be done!

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