ACT FAST: Free Sandwich at Ike’s Place!   »

You all know how Ike’s Place is back up and running at a location catty corner to his original and we’re all very very happy about it?? Well! Now they’re giving away FREE IKE’S PLACE SANDWICHES and you don’t even have to send one million dollars to a Nigerian prince to get it! Amazing!

The actual sandwich is the Vegan Ugly Owl (vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese, teriyaki sauce, HELLO DELICIOUS) and you need to just go to Scoutmob and give them a fake email address and then GIRL, HOOK IT UP! You gotta order it today and it expires on November 13 so you MUST ACT FAST! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Also, in other awesome Ike’s news, you know there’s a VEGANSAURUS SANDWICH, right?? To find out what it is, you have to go to Ike’s Cold at Stanford, and pick one up. All we can say is, it’s delicious, and there’s a fucking VEGANSAURUS SANDWICH AT IKE’S. We’ve truly arrived in the land of deliciousness!

[delicious vegan ike’s sandwich photo via yelp]


BREAKING: Ike’s Place is staying open after all!  »

Ha ha, just kidding. They’re really closing this time. I’m holding my last ever Vegan Brutus on glorious Dutch crunch from Ike’s Place—last ever, that is, until they inevitably (hopefully?) reopen. In the meantime, put your phone on speaker because even the wait to get past a busy signal is out of control.

And in a way, Ike’s Place really is staying open after all. In our hearts? Well, maybe there too (I’m sentimental like that), but I meant in Stanford. Their new location just opened last week, and according to Ike it’s already exploding, with an hour wait on the first day. So call ahead before your next sandwich road trip.

I’m sure some of you are still scratching your heads wondering why we’ve been getting all worked up and misty-eyed over a sandwich shop that also serves meat. For me, it’s about 32 percent selfish. Ike’s Place was my neighborhood sandwich shop, sometimes acting as my own surrogate kitchen for weeks at a stretch. Ike’s also gives a shit about what vegans want to eat, showing a level of commitment to us and to keeping with the times that almost no other restaurant in San Francisco has shown. Even our city’s “flagship” vegan restaurant (yes, I’m looking at you, Herbivore) keeps the same menu year after year, while Ike keeps buying new products that vegans are genuinely excited about. It was an omnivorous sandwich shop that was simultaneously more vegan than half the vegan restaurants in this city combined.

I love San Francisco, but Ike’s eviction is a symbolic victory for everything broken in this city: unneighborly neighbors who take up space over people who actually contribute to the community; blighted storefronts over a vibrant local economy; bureaucracy over small, independent business. Opening a new eating establishment in San Francisco is already prohibitively difficult; the message you get from City Hall, neighbors, landlords, and large chains is “you’re not wanted here, don’t bother.” And that’s all before adding the extra layer of “vegan” (see also: “weird,” “niche”) into the mix.

Yes, there’s nothing more played out than a “people like X are ruining San Francisco for people like Y” rant piece. But veganism in this city will succeed or fail based on whether or not new restaurants, bakeries, cafes, etc. can get some basic support, instead of being treated like a boil to be squeezed out. I’m not saying, let’s go Ayn Rand and deregulate everything. That’s insane—shit needs to be clean and safe; employees need to get paid a living wage. But come on; San Francisco has more skeezy massage parlors than vegan restaurants. It really shouldn’t be this hard to sell a sandwich.

P.S. What are you doing tonight? Probably nothing, so join Ike and everyone else as they crowd 16th and Sanchez with music and insanity for a farewell street party before closing tonight for real. PEACE OUT, neighbors.


The Uniqueness of Humans

“We are just a basic, off-the-rack mammal. … We’ve got the same basic building blocks and plumbing in there, but we use it in ways that are unprecedented.”

#1 This is a fascinating lecture.
#2 Look closely and it’s obvious this man is actually John Malkovich in a curly wig and fake beard.
#3 The lecture lamentably does not address this interspecies love story…errr…reprehensible behavior in chimps.

(via bstriddy! Thanks, Brant!)

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