ACT FAST: Free Sandwich at Ike’s Place!   »

You all know how Ike’s Place is back up and running at a location catty corner to his original and we’re all very very happy about it?? Well! Now they’re giving away FREE IKE’S PLACE SANDWICHES and you don’t even have to send one million dollars to a Nigerian prince to get it! Amazing!

The actual sandwich is the Vegan Ugly Owl (vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese, teriyaki sauce, HELLO DELICIOUS) and you need to just go to Scoutmob and give them a fake email address and then GIRL, HOOK IT UP!¬†You gotta order it today and it expires on November 13 so you MUST ACT FAST! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Also, in other awesome Ike’s news, you know there’s a VEGANSAURUS SANDWICH, right?? To find out what it is, you have to go to Ike’s Cold at Stanford, and pick one up. All we can say is, it’s delicious, and there’s a fucking VEGANSAURUS SANDWICH AT IKE’S. We’ve truly arrived in the land of deliciousness!

[delicious vegan ike’s sandwich photo via yelp]

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