Product Review: Steve’s Cinnamon Coffee Coconut Creme!  »

Guys, I’m in love! I don’t do a lot of vegan ice cream reviews because I don’t actually like ice cream that much—except, I LOVE coffee ice cream! I don’t know, I’m a particular person. It’s part of my immense charm. But I had read about Steve’s Ice Cream and their vegan flavors so when I saw some buckets of Steve’s at Union Market, I took a look. WHAM BAM! They had a cinnamon coffee flavor! Cinnamon? I wasn’t sure. But I love coffee ice cream so much that I thought I’d take a chance.

Holy cannoli! Gamble well spent! This stuff is incredible! Like, super-amazing-fantastic. And cinnamon with coffee is pure genius. I had no idea. Seriously, I can’t say enough amazing things about this ice cream! It’s like rainbows and kittens and vacations and moon bounces and recess and waterslides all in one tub!

Looks like you can only get this stuff in New York. But hey, New York isn’t so bad! You should come visit! You never visit me anymore. 

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