8 Vegan Junk Food Hotspots  »

Thanks, Zagats, for pulling together this list of 8 vegan “diners, drive-ins and dives.” I was going to take issue with them putting Denver’s Watercourse on the list, since that place is damn classy, but the buffalo seitan wings are definitely junk food, so I’ll let it slide. 

I think it’s probably not cool for me to just steal all their photos and paste them here, so go look at their site if you want to see pics, but here are their choices: 

  • Chicago Diner, Chicago
  • Bender’s in SF
  • Foodswings, Brooklyn
  • Arlo’s, Austin
  • Watercourse, Denver
  • Sticky Fingers, DC
  • Blackbird Pizzeria, Philly
  • Flore, LA

I’ll just throw some other nominations out there…you got any to add? Let us know!

  • Vertical Diner, SLC
  • Souley Vegan, Oakland
  • Ike’s Place, SF (& LA soon!)


East Coast-style Fourth of July!  »

Vegans are amazing! Check out this spread from Aimee’s Fourth of July BBQ near Annapolis, Md. Fourth of July veganism, coast to coast!
Featured: pesto pasta salad with tomatoes, potato salad with Torfurky Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh, Gardein beefless burgers, Perfect Grilled Portobellos, Tofurky veggie dogs, organic corn, assorted dips and guacamole from Roots Market, plus Aimee’s new favorite condiment, Spicy Red Pepper Miso Mayo. Dessert included fresh peach ice cream and Sticky Fingers brownies and Cowvin cookies.

This looks delicious! I can’t wait to invite myself come to your next party! Thanks for the submission!


Two things YOU MUST DO TODAY!  »

First, enter to win (the most delicious) Sticky Fingers Bakery treats over at VegNews! It’s a contest for World Vegetarian Day and so it’s TODAY ONLY SO DO IT TO IT!

Also, there is a Mission Minis deal on Joffer. You gotta sign up soon and there has to be 20 people. Or something. I’m not exactly sure how it works, to be honest. The point is, a dozen mini cupcakes for 10 bucks (33 percent savings on regular price! I LOVE A DEAL!) and although they have but one vegan cupcake, it is a dream. In fact, our sources tell us it is far superior to the “regular” ones. SO TAKE THAT, EGGS AND OTHER NON-VEGAN BULLSHIT. Anyway, be one of the first to order and order ‘em vegan so they know vegans be serious about our vegan baked goods and then they make and sell more vegan stuff and you get the idea. Oh also, they DELIVER!!! Party time! Excellent!


Review: Sugar Beat Sweets vegan bakery!  »

There was once a time I was so desperate for good-tasting vegan baked goods that I WOULD ORDER THEM FROM WASHINGTON, D.C. That is correct. I would pay around $60 to have some bear claws sent to me from Sticky Fingers Bakery in our nation’s capital. It was the worst of times.

But that was horrible then and this is wonderful now because now SF has its very own vegan bakery, Sugar Beat Sweets!  It’s a brand-new, all-vegan, woman-owned bakery that uses fair-trade, organic and local ingredients whenever possible. I’m telling you, if I had to lie through my teeth one more time about how most vegan goods are just as good as their butter- and dairy-filled counterparts, I would be forced to stick my head in an oven. To eat the cake that’s inside. I ain’t going nowhere, bitches! But also, I would continue to feel bad about lying, and cheated that there aren’t that many equally delicious dessert offerings for us vegans. HOWEVER, with the advent of Sugar Beat Sweets and its amazing cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more, I no longer have to lie! About vegan baked goods! I will continue to lie about everything else! The sweet, sweet baked goods from SBS are RIDICULOUS. My birthday cake this year came from SBS, and even my father—who prefers his food made with pig’s blood and baby tears—was blown away. He actually thought I was cheating at being vegan (that’s my favorite, like it’s some fad diet that I get to be “bad” about on the weekends or some shit. GOD I REALLY HATE THAT) and had ordered a non-vegan cake. I think he was more proud than the day I graduated college. When I told him it was vegan, he was visibly disappointed and drowned his sorrows in two more slices. I actually think that cake had some special powers because since then my dad has been less weird about my veganism (pronounced “vay-gun-ism”) and more weird about the fact that my life is going nowhere and I’m dead broke and will wind up dead in a gutter, half-eaten by wolves. Also, that would kinda rule because it would mean that San Francisco would be overrun by wolves and they are my people. I’m pretty sure we would be good friends before they ate me.

PLEASE TO NOTE: Sugar Beat Sweets doesn’t have a storefront (YET! BUY LOTS OF BAKED GOODS SO THAT I CAN CLIMB INSIDE THE PASTRY CASES!) so you have to custom-order through the website.

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