Stogo is Sto-Going Away Forever! NOOO!  »

Pretty much my favorite thing about New York City, Stogo Gourmet Dairy-Free Ice Cream in the East Village, is shutting forever as of Sunday. Goddamn Hurricane Sandy, ruining everything in my life. (Actually, I’m in Colorado where the weather is always perfect, so Sandy didn’t ruin anything in my life. UNTIL NOW.)

"The business had been battling high rent all year. Eight days without income during the post-hurricane blackout, combined with the upcoming wintertime slowdown in sales, led Stogo’s owners to make the call to close." 

Stogo is the best vegan ice cream parlor I ever experienced. If you live near New York, get to the store this weekend and bid them farewell. If not, wish on a Tofurkey that the owners will decide to reopen somewhere. What is there to dream of anymore if not a creamy scoop from Stogo? Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m literally crying into an apple pie as I type. It’s messy. Go try to have a good day.

[via DNA Info]

[Photo by watashiwani via Flickr]


New Groupon Clone is For Us!  »

Even though the whole daily deal thing feels like the housing market circa late 2007 (a bubble well on its way to bursting), I’m still pretty psyched to let you know there’s a new one focusing just on vegetarian and vegan-friendly small businesses!

It’s called TimeToVegOut and it just started like, this week (we’re so on top of shit. It’s because I have a Google Alert on the word “vegan”).

The best thing, for New Yorkers at least: Right now they have a coupon for Stogo, which is my favorite ice cream shop in the entire world. 

TimeToVegOut is launching in a bunch of cities, including SF, Chicago, and DC. For everyone else, you can also sign up for nationwide deals, which essentially means stuff you can buy online.

The site’s still working out some kinks—I had trouble registering but eventually got it to work. Anyway, this could be awesome. In the comments on the “About" page, the founder tells you how to help the site grow and get your favorite places involved. 


Also, can someone mail me some Stogo? Thanks.


Vegansaurus NYC: Stogo!  »

Laura was in town briefly before her whirlwind vacay, but that was just enough time to get vegan ice cream! See what Laura has?: Priorities.

We went to Stogo together as neither of us had been there. We heard mixed things about it: some people are totally into it; some don’t like it at all. It’s not just vegan, it’s like hypo-allergenic, basically. They don’t use real sugar and stuff. I like my ice cream unhealthy!

I tasted the cookie dough and the hemp chocolate (they have other kinds of chocolate, kind of neat). The cookie dough wasn’t that cookie-doughy so I got the hemp chocolate (see below). Here’s what I can say: the hemp chocolate was SOLID. Very chocolaty good! So when in doubt, get that. But they let you try lots of flavors so you should do that. BONUS: they have cupcakes from BabyCakes and some treats from Cocoa V!

Who’s been here? What are your thoughts? Is it on your New York vacation hit list?

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