OMG: It’s your chance to win a Vaute Couture coat and raise money for a vegan business!  »

How adorable is Leanne?! It also doesn’t hurt that she’s probably the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. PS: Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Everyone’s favorite vegan clothing line, Vaute Couture, needs help finishing up its first store! So the company has partnered with Lucky Ant to raise money:

The partnership’s goal is to raise $13,000 that will be used to finish design and construction of the first store. Once they have a flagship store, Leanne and her team hope to bring animal-friendly haute couture to the masses. Any contributors to this cause will be rewarded with gifts provided by Vaute Couture, a raffle for a coat ($5 pledge), Friends of Animals Print Series ($100 pledge), the first coat from next year’s collection and named after the participant ($1,000 pledge).

How excited am I?! I love her coats, but how many coats can you own? Jewelry and tank tops, though, you can have as many as you want! Here’s a pic of the jewelry in the mini collection:

I love it! As it says, this stuff is limited edition and only available until May 8! So get on that! And omg did you see you can pay to get a coat named after you?! The world needs a “Rascal” coat! Am I right? I’m always right!

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