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These popping-up-everywhere food carts are awesome and we vegans want a piece of that sweet curry/soup/cookie/shaved ice ass. Here are the carts that we’ve sussed/are sussing out for vegan options. If you know of any other carts that cater to vegans, please let us know!! We’re willing to update constantly in the name of hungry vegans everywhere. Or at least in San Francisco.

This Friday (5 June), Sexy Soup Lady will be somewhere in the Mission. She SHOULD be “at the dead end of Linda Street off 19th Street between Valencia & Guerrero Streets,” where a lot of the food carts congregate—but we’re not positive!!—serving up a soup that we believe to be vegan! Apparently she’s thinking Carrot Ginger Coconut. YES, PLEASE!

Just found out from our friends at Mission Mission that Bike Basket Pies is the newest face in food carts! And what a delicious face it is! The proprietor wasn’t able to secure Earth Balance last weekend (and rightfully didn’t gross everyone out by using disgusting margarine!) but next time, it’s VEGANSAURUS TO THE RESCUE! Seriously, we’re working for you fools over here.

SF Moo Moo Cakes just started as of TODAY! Nothing vegan yet but it’s in the works! Shit, we’re being SO AMAZING today, right!? Any flavor suggestions for them??

Thai Shaved Ice was spotted in Dolores Park this weekend, but you have to stay tuned to their twitter to find out where they’ll be serving up this amazing stuff next.

Magic Curry Kart always has one vegan option on hand, made with tofu and vegetarian Vietnamese “fish” sauce! I want some of that magical curry so bad right now and all I have is this stupid apple. RIDICULOUS.

Amuse Bouche SF might also have some vegan stuff. They definitely have vegetarian options (hooray!) but we’re emailing/twittering/smoke-signaling to find out and will report back our findings soon!

I think the moral of this whole story is that you have to be on twitter to find out where all the good street food eats of the world are, so if you’re not on yet, GIVE IN. It wasn’t cute when you waited five years to get a cell phone either [Ed.: MEAVE]. And while you’re at it, follow Vegansaurus too! We give away shit on our twitter sometimes so there’s extra incentive. Actually, that’s a lie but we’ll start now. Maybe. SELF-PROMOTION IS COSTLY AND EXHAUSTING.


Review: Mission Street Food cart!  »

Mission Street Food is a most delicious little cart that sets up once a week (details below) to serve you some of the most delicious flat bread sandwiches ever known to man (me + you) or beast (i’ll get to this later). There are three sandwich selections—I expect they’ll expand the menu and maybe even how many nights a week they are out there based on the popularity of their first two weeks—two of which can be made vegan with small adjustments. The $5 King Trumpet is wild mushrooms, triple-fried potatoes (YES PLEASE!), roasted garlic, and scallion sour cream (gross, omit!) on fresh made flat bread. Now, I’m not even a mushroom fan and this sandwich made me sofuckinghappy. It is a must-try. The other is the $4 Mission Melt which is roasted peppers, melted cheese (omit!%

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