Via our Laura at Jezebel, some really wonderful Chilean college students are calling attention to the plight of urban street dogs. Or at least call attention to the dogs themselves. Get your tissues out, it’s a weeper.


Holy crap, this looks intense. This is the preview for Street Dogs of South Central, a documentary that aired on Animal Planet this past Saturday. It’s narrated by Queen Latifah (U-N-I-T-Y!) and follows, “a mother and her pups’ extraordinary journey through an American urban jungle.”

I didn’t catch it on Saturday, did any of you? Good god though, I don’t know if I can handle it. I promise you the preview doesn’t really have anything graphic, it’s just like…mean fucking streets. It looks like Boyz n the Hood but with puppies. 

I can’t tell if Animal Planet will be airing this movie again but I hope so. You can follow Street Dogs on Facebook for updates on the pups in the doc and info on when it’s playing next. 


Oh, Ke$ha. We’re going to quote extensively from Videogum here.

There is something so jarring about the b-roll footage of third world country people actually physically trying to save animals intercut with Ke$ha unmoving in front of her rack of wardrobe changes saying “Please join me in helping these poor animals.” Join you where? WHAT ARENA ARE YOU AT? And join you how exactly? BY READING CUE CARDS AND LOOKING LIKE LAST NIGHT WAS A ROUGH NIGHT? But like I said, so good of her. Such a powerful PSA. Good luck, puppies.

I mean, of course it is good that famous people adopt charitable causes, and street dogs are a particularly depressing and deserving group! On the other hand, if you are taking your social cues from Ke$ha, you should really look at your life, look at your choices, maybe take a nice long nap, and then, sure, give some money to help street dogs.

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