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I’m into the logo. You like it?

Could the cheesesteak capitol adopt Meatless Monday?! I say YES! I mean, my dad has been doing Meatless Mondays for a few years and he’s as red-meat-and-potatoes as they get. But he also cares about the environment! And he loves the Meatless Monday Unicorn, so he was happy to get on the Meatless Monday train. If he can do it, I’m sure a bunch of cool kids can do it! And everyone knows all kids from Philadelphia are cool. It’s a science fact. 

I got an email from my new pal Lou, one of the people behind the effort, and she provided a little background for us:

The Humane League needs your help in getting the School District of Philadelphia to adopt Meatless Mondays! Many school districts across the country, including Los Angeles Unified School District, Detroit Public Schools, and San Diego Unified School District, already participate in the program. Philadelphia’s school district is the eighth largest in the U.S., so their participation would mean a LOT less meat being served. Unfortunately they keep pushing us off, saying they’re in the middle of contract negotiations, so we’re garnering support from Philadelphia residents, teachers, parents, and students to help get them on board. If you fall into one (or more) of those categories, please visit to learn more and sign the petition—then help spread the word!

So if you fall into one of the categories mentioned and want to help, all you have to do is go to their homepage and sign the petition! Easier than getting shwasted on the citywide special at Bob and Barbara’s. 

If you need more convincing, here’s a little vid about it too:


School Lunch Sound Off THIS SATURDAY!  »

The School Lunch Sound Off is an event for students, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens to meet up, enjoy delicious snacks, and talk about the future of the National School Lunch Program and the push to get some healthy, non-dairy vegetarian (read: radio-friendly way to say vegan) options instated.

There will be an interactive segment where students (and anyone else who wants to!) can write letters, draw pictures, plant seeds, and enjoy other fun projects to get closer to where our food comes from. In addition, there will be a contest for students (ages 4 to 18) to create drawings, paintings, songs, poems, or skits and submit them for a chance to win an iPod! Woohoo! Contest entries can be submitted at the event or before the event by e-mailing

There will be tons of free food provided by SF Vegan Tamales, Brassica Supperclub, and Sugar Beat Sweets! You will also have the chance to win some sweet door prizes, and the event itself is free! Please come and pass on the info to everyone you know, in particular students who want to start the school year off with a new iPod!

Oh, and did we mention that Marilu Henner will be there? Yes, the star of Taxi and writer of numerous books on nutrition. There will also be health and education experts on hand to give short presentations and answer all your questions.

The Shout Out takes place at a.Muse Gallery (614 Alabama Street in the Mission) from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 22. More info here! But what else do you need to know? Be there or be a traitor to your cause.

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