Cast of “The Grey” dines on wolf meat for kicks  »

Animal welfare activists were already not happy about new film The Grey. Well, at first they were, because the movie was using computer wolves instead of real wolves. But then they realized the movie is not so nice to wolves after all. They say it demonizes wolves, and at the worst time possible. After barely recovering from near extinction, wolf populations in some parts of the country have recently been removed from the list of federally protected species. It’s basically open season on wolves and now The Grey comes along to fuel unfounded fear, prejudice and misconceptions. Super! Go Hollywood!

To add insult to injury, in order to “have a sense of the movie [they] were making,” director Joe Carnahan had some frozen wolves shipped from a trapper up to Alaska for the cast to eat. Um, fuck that. As Jennifer Mishler over at Ecorazzi puts it, “So, he had frozen wolf meat flown in, because that’s what people stuck in the snow and ice and fighting for their survival do, right?” Pro tip: WRONG!

Genius idea: How about leaving the actors out in the cold over night to fend for themselves? THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! Get into character, jerks!

Beautiful picture by me!

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