The vegan dopeness: five faux-leather messenger bags  »

What’s not to like about a messenger bag?! Besides the boob-divider thing. But some people find that attractive! I’m not saying you should fill these with PBR and hop on your bike, but they are all cross-body bags and they are all dope. This Espe one from Alternative Outfitters is what inspired my round-up today:

So professory! And at one point or another, everyone wants to bang a professor.

This next one is also from Alternative Outfitters, the Luella by Shiraleah:
I’m in love with this bag, goddang it! And I don’t care who knows! I’m a big fan of Shiraleah, I have one of their wallets and it RULES.

Here’s a hot Matt and Nat number from Mooshoes:
I like odd, shapely pockets. That’s also how I like my men, BTDubs.

Also from Mooshoes, the Strap Hanger bag from Tano:
LOTS OF POCKETS. That’s how you know how important someone is, by how many pockets they need. And keys.

Lastly, here’s a mini messenger from Beg for a Bag on Etsy:
I don’t feel super-confident about the quality of this one but sometimes you just want some damn pleather.

There you have it! Five faux-leather messenger bags curated by yours truly. Dishes are done.


Send us your tattoo pics, and let’s do one better than OC Weekly’s Unique Food Tattoos  »

OK, I get it, it’s a carrot fucking a vegan skull, and that’s clever. And while we were glad to see OC Weekly include a few vegan-related (or at least vegetable-themed) tattoos in the crowd of hamburgers, hotdogs and fried eggs in their One Dozen Unique Food Tattoos, I couldn’t help thinking, is that really the best and most unique the OC has to offer? It’s not my fault for living in San Francisco and being jaded about everything ever, is it?

Because I know half of you are tatted up with full sleeves and back-pieces, and because we love you, how about a bit of friendly competition? Send us your best food- or vegan-related tattoos, along with anything you have to say about it, and who the artist was. And if you don’t remember the artist, then I’ll make something up or say it was Kat Von D so watch out.

Then we’ll post the best of the bunch, and challenge OC Weekly to a kickball tournament or something [Ed. croquet!], because we’re bound to kick their asses. Really this is about you guys and how awesome and creative our readers are, so we win no matter what.

Send pics of your art to steve AT vegansaurus DOT com, and if there are any body parts in the photo you wouldn’t want your mom to see, crop that out before clicking send because this isn’t SuicideGirls. OK!

[link via NotCot]

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