NYC: Get a six course vegan dinner and support healthy school lunches for the kiddies!  »


Hi guys! Remember when Meave and I went to Suite ThreeOhSix and had the best time? Well now you can go to Suite ThreeOhSix and have the best time too! AND raise money for the Coalition for Healthy School Food so that the kiddies get veggies at school. I believe we refer to that as a “win-win.”

The six course dinner is taking place a week from today, aka February 25th, aka MY BIRTHDAY. Get your tickets here. Tickets are 100 bones…I know, but it’s a fundraiser and the food is sure to be hella fancy. There will also be a silent auction so you can spend more money. ALSO RAFFLES OMG MY FAVORITE. So go! Eat! Drink! Be merry!


Dessert from the tasting Meave and I went to! Totes pretty. 


Suite ThreeOhSix tasting by chef Daphne Cheng!  »

Megan Rascal and I are the luckiest vegans, I swear. We were recently invited to a press event at Suite ThreeOhSix, a vegan supperclub and cooking school featuring the fancy work of chef Daphne Cheng. It was delicious! All of it! So delicious we couldn’t get photos of all of it, which stinks, but we got some, so here they are for you.


Zucchini bisque, with red cabbage, cilantro, and chili oil. I had two of these. Not a real strong zucchini flavor, but very refreshing with the cabbage and herbs.


French lentil pastry with parsley scallion sauce and whipped bell pepper cream. I could eat the whipped bell pepper cream all day, it was rich AND light, and delicately bell peppery. Plus, lentils in a pastry pocket!


Cultured cashew cheese on baguette, plus mache and carrots with toasted buckwheat in a champagne dill vinaigrette. You guys know nut cheeses and salads are my favorites, and these were both very good. There were also oil-cured olives on the plate with the cheese that I did not photograph, but rest assured, they were also delicious.


Truffled ricotta, smoked agave, and broccoli microgreens on crisped yuba. I believe this was Megan’s favorite dish of the night. I was really into the truffled ricotta, of course, and the texture of the yuba was a nice change from bread. At this point I may have had too many glasses of wine to have remembered to go back to the spot with the best lighting.


Rosewater yogurt ice cream with apricots. So refreshing! I don’t really go in for rose-flavored (or -scented) anything, but this was very good, especially with the tart apricot. The texture was perfect, too, so velvety!

Delicious things I failed to photograph: rambutan on the half-skin; chocolate mezcal truffles with coconut chips (of which I ate like four). And she sent us home with gorgeous little brownies!

Suite ThreeOhSix hosts supperclubs and workshop and demo classes in the loft space, hosted by chef Daphne, who is somehow this talented at 24 years old. For more information, check them out online. Vegan food is really coming into its own; we already know it tastes good, but the techniques being applied to craft these gorgeous, delicious little works of art are really outstanding. The omnis are out of excuses.

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