Bear Awareness Week: Finally, some good news for sun bears!  »

Back in the heady days of 2008, the Wildlife Alliance's Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (does this also make you think of the Superfriends?) program saved two Malayan sun bears from traders. Named Sopheap and Sloat (um, what? they should have been named Awesome and Awesomer!), they’ve been rehabilitated and might get to return to the wild!

Earlier this month, the bears went on a field trip through their native Cambodian countryside as the first step in a long, arduous, unprecedented process to start returning rehabbed bears in Free the Bears' Phnom Tamao facility to protected forests. In case you're tempted to Google “sun bear,” I'll save you the trouble: They're the smallest and least well known of the bears, and are primarily found in Southeast Asia's tropical rainforests. Their tongues are also longer than Gene Simmons’. Facts!

Hooray for sun bears going home! Don’t they have the coolest chest pattern? Answer: YES.

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