Meet Sunsational sunflower seed milk, the new deliciousness on the block!  »

Remember back in the day when rice milk and soy milk were your only choices? Ha! We spit on you, Past, with our vast and growing selection of dairy alternatives!

Voilà another addition to the dizzying array: Sunsational sunflower seed milk! If you live in the Northeast, Florida, or parts of the Midwest, you may have already seen it on the shelves of your local Whole Foods or hippie co-op. For the rest of you, expect it to be on Amazon in the next month or so, and in the meantime, I think you can order it directly from a guy named Steve at the product’s website, via the contact form. I believe that’s what you do, if it’s different, I’ll update this review! 

So far Sunsational comes in two flavors, Original and Vanilla. I got to taste them both, and find them quite pleasant, with a nutty but mild sunflower flavor. There’s no unsweetened variety, which I would prefer since this milk is definitely on the sugary side, but that may come in the future. The main drawback is the unappealing grayish color. I swear I’m not drinking newspaper pulp, guys! No seriously. 

Conclusion: if you see this stuff in the store, it’s totally worth a try. Hooray for choices!

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