Field Roast vegan sausages and burgers on the menu at the SuperBowl!  »


You heard me! MetLife stadium is selling Field Roast sausages and burgers at the SuperBowl this year! Wait, they have burgers?! I didn’t know! But according to their FB, their burgers are on limited release at a few stadiums. I’m pretty happy with the sausages though so I’m not even mad. But that’s so awesome! Way better than some dinky vegan hot dog people will laugh at. Even omnivores like Field Roast when they try it! So it will be a good vegan food rep. Those apple sage sausages, right?!

The company is from Seattle so obvi they are repping hardcore for the Sea Hawks, as you can see above. They also did a bunch of Superbowl-inspired recipes you can check out on their site

In conclusion: Go sports!


Details Emerge on Highly Anticipated Kitten Bowl  »

Leave it to the Hallmark Channel to come up with the mind-numblingly cutest idea ever…Kitten Bowl! Ballsy too, since this bad boy will be competing with not only a little thing called The Super Bowl, but also Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. But lest ye doubt the wisdom of this, check out the new details that just came out. According to Vulture:

"Beth Stern, wife of Howard Stern, will host, Yankees radio announcer John Sterling will do the play-by-play, and the special will run from noon to 9 p.m. Also, 60 to 70 kittens will be involved in the festivities, which will include playoffs and a championship showdown."

NINE HOURS of kittens! This better be good. It will be though, right? My whole identity is based around the unfailing cuteness of kittens, let nothing disrupt that.

[photo by Pen Waggener via Flickr]

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