What’s up NYC? November Vegan Drinks is happening on Thursday!  »

Get your butts over to Fontana’s Bar at 105 Eldridge from 7 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 29, to party with the coolest vegans in the metro area, including (but not limited to) your own Megan Rascal on the ones and twos! Plus “Southern-style breakfast foods” (be still my heart) from Heirloom Vegan Eatery, and raffle prizes with proceeds benefitting Friends of Animals. You can’t lose, New York!

Need to know more? Get details at SuperVegan.


NYC: Celebrate/mourn the election with your fellow vegans!  »

Check it, yo: Our friends at SuperVegan are having a wild election night party! But wait, there’s more! Food will be provided by Chickpea & Olive and Dun-Well Doughnuts! If that doesn’t get you to this party, guess who’s DJing? THIS GUY! That’s right, DJ Megan Rascal, aka. DJ My Lil’ Pony, aka. The Dancing DJ, will be in full effect with your favorite ’60s and ’70s soul and rock and roll!

Besides, imagine how sad you’ll be sitting all alone when you hear the results. Or worse, what if you’re sitting with your omni friends while they celebrate/mourn! That would be the worst. Don’t be the worst.

Oh and my omni friend Kevin Karp is coming and if Obama loses, he says he’s making a new dish called the Meat Romney: “a veal chop, flip flopped over and over again until even the tender flavor born from cruelty is dried out into an awful leathery bland piece of waste.” OMG omnis are so cray. That’s super gross. But “Meat Romney” is hilar. Let’s just call him Meat from now on. What up, Meat?!

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 8 p.m.
Fontana’s Bar, 105 Eldridge St. (between Grand and Broome)

Be there or be, etc.


Vaute Couture is opening a storefront! Huzzah!  »

You know I love Leanne and Vaute Couture, so how excited am I! Pro tip: SO EXCITED. She’s opening a storefront in Williamsburg on March 4th!:

Vaute Couture Grand Opening
Sunday, March 4, 12 p.m.
234 Grand Street, Williamsburg (L to Bedford, G to Lorimer)

According to SuperVegan, Vaute Couture is also going to add overalls, jumpers, and dresses to their line! Happy day! And the store is outfitted in all sorts of great recycled items:

"Nearly everything in the store is created of salvaged materials, like our photobooth made from decades-old doors from BuildItGreen, a mantle from Lady Gaga’s Barney’s Exhibit that became our cash wrap, a hand-etched Starry Lightbox for a dressing room, and all our mannequins from Abercrombie & Fitch," Leanne said. "Even the paint is leftover, used gallons."

Dang, girl! Sounds awesome!

In other exciting news, it looks like Vaute Couture is looking for interns! YOU could join their team and make vegan fashion history! That’s totally like you.


Top 10 links of the week!: veganism!  »

Funny birdie wakes his kitty bff!

First up, our own Sarah M. Smart was interviewed by Grubwithme! I am late in reporting this because she forgot to tell me about it. I forgive her because she calls me a saint in the interview. My favorite part is the last question where she says she doesn’t want to give too much away about what’s to come—like we are a soap opera! We totally are. Stay tuned!

Um, the Canadian government is going to start poisoning wolves with strychnine and shooting them from planes. Read what Grist wrote about it because I could not have said it better. Ok I’ll add one point: WTF. 

From Pawnation, the 5 best ways to keep your pets’ teeth clean. I just had to get poor Mitsy’s teeth cleaned, they put them under to do it! And Figaro has to go in soon and they even said he needs extractions! I’m so nervous for him!

 If you want to be grossed out, and you know you do, here’s the 10 grossest pictures from a charity oyster slurping competition. Whenever people bring up the oyster thing, for one, I’m like, uh people used to say fish couldn’t feel pain either. So you never know. But even if oysters don’t feel pain, EW THEY ARE GRODY TO THE MAX! WHY would I WANT to eat them? They are like little shells of mucus! If I want to eat garlic butter, I do not have to put it on a loogie first. Put it on an artichoke or drink it straight, but I’ll pass on the loogie. 

Rose Pedals, the source for everything vegan and wedding, has a super round-up of vegan Valentine’s Day gift guides, resources, and fun events. Check it out! My favorite part is when they say I’m funny. That part was great.

From SuperVegan, 10 questions with Sarah Peltier of the NYC Vegan Shop-Up! The Shop-Up is this Sunday, the 12th! Don’t forget!

From Vegan Mainstream, Real Men Eat Plants and are Kind to Animals. Do we agree? I mean, I’m sure we agree! But do you think we’ve made cultural strides in this direction? Discussion topic of the week!

Have you been following PETA’s lawsuit Tilikum v. SeaWorld? I guess it just wrapped up with the judge deciding that the 13th Amendment does not apply to non-humans. I thought it was a very interesting case. Should the 13th Amendment apply to non-human animals? I don’t know but it’s definitely an interesting idea. Second discussion topic of the week!

Check out what my pop found in the local Philly Latino news paper!: Ser vegano también puede ser delicioso! Yay! Somos los mejores! 

Buzzfeed does it again!: The 15 most adorable bunny bathtime photos! [Update: We just learned from our awesome readers that bunnies shouldn’t be bathed! So don’t do that with your bunny, okay? For lots of reasons why, see our comments. OUR APOLOGIES to our readers and the bunnies!]


Top 10 links of the week!: A sleigh ride through the winter wonderland of veganism!  »

[This silly cat vid was sent in by reader LC! Thanks, pal!]

Once again I have slept on links of the week so this collection spans a few weeks. Enjoy!

The Vegan Feminist Agitator has a love story for you!: I Killed Kale

From SuperVegan: Japan admits using tsunami disaster relief money to fund military actions against unarmed vegans. Holy. Crap. 

We have a new vegan among us! Teri S. from Status Vegan! AND she would like our help! Do you have a really great recipe you want to share with her? I know you do! Head over to her blog and share it with her. Build the community!

From Grist: Happy Feet 2 is for communist vegetarians! So. True. 

Was da Vinci an animal rights activist? God I hope so! The Guardian has the story.

Vegansaurus fave Jerry James Stone has a new blog on Animal Planet filled with pretty animal pictures! He’s also promised us a vegan wine post on his Treehugger Green Wine Guide so I’ll be sure to tell you guys when that’s out!

This link comes from my cousin Heather: A same-sex penguin couple in China has a new baby! Ah, babies. They are so in right now.

We have a Pinterest account! What up!

Our Hen House has a new Art of the Animal video! Check it out!

The Farm Sanctuary has two new babies! And they need your help! And they are cute!


Vegan pen pals! Get one! Be one!   »

Jenna from L.O.V.E. (Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation) and SuperVegan has put together an awesome pen pal program! I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I had quite a few pen pals. I think I signed up through programs that were listed in the back of Sassy. Oh man, I really loved it, and I hope they’re all still alive. Enough about me (NEVER!)—L.O.V.E. is looking for vegans or aspiring-vegans all around the world who can commit to writing one letter each month (or more). I wish Meave were still in America because she would love this shit. [I would! —Meave]

Learn more and sign up to spread the vegan love here, and you can read more about it over in Jenna’s write-up on SuperVegan! I just got to thinking: it would be cool to include vegan prisoners in on this. I don’t know! Just a thought! A thought I will try to put some action behind but really, anyone else out there want to do that for me, and then tell me what to do? I am so tired of thinking!

Hey! Maybe you and your pen pal will be like these two! Don’t be ridiculous!!


The Food Network says some vegetarian food is, uh, not  »

"Now, Lisa’s going through this phase where she doesn’t eat any meat, so I usually sneak a little meat juice into her vegetables." —Marge Simpson

SuperVegan brings us some unsettling news today: according to a survey conducted by Food magazine, about 15 percent of chefs report that ” their vegetarian dishes might not be completely vegetarian.” Further, says Food, “Beware if you’re one of those super-picky vegan types: One chef reported seeing a cook pour lamb’s blood into a vegan’s primavera.”

Gross, right? Before the apoplexy blinds us all, let’s use our clever vegan brains to examine this analytically. Food says that they anonymously “surveyed chefs across the country,” but they provide no hard data at all, which renders this “about 15 percent” essentially meaningless. How many chefs are 15 percent? In which cities and states did the surveyed chefs live? Look, if your Vegansaurus surveyed vegans, and 95 percent of respondents agreed that humane treatment of farm animals was a “positive step” toward animal rights, what would you say? Hopefully, you’d ask the same questions—without hard data, surveys don’t mean much.

SuperVegan concludes that this survey answer is “just one more reason to avoid restaurants that have animals on their menus,” but your Vegansaurus respectfully disagrees. We encourage vegans to patronize non-veg restaurants all the time because they offer quality veg dishes. However, if they’re not actually vegan, that’s been a depressing waste of time and money. Don’t restaurants want business? Are they all so financially comfortable that they can afford to play with our food?

Presumably, 15 percent isn’t a huge number—15 if they asked 100 chefs, 30 if they asked 200, etc.—though we can’t know because we don’t have those figures. If chefs put vegetarian and vegan dishes on a menu, it should imply that they understand the terms and want to make food that abides by them. Of course, continue to eat at veg restaurants, we love those places the most! We love all restaurants that serve tasty, cruelty-free food. There are so many better things to lie about—what would putting lamb’s blood in a primavera even accomplish, honestly? If this survey makes you warier of eating at non-veg places, your Vegansaurus recommends asking specific, very polite questions of your server when placing your order.

And remember, always look at surveys as carefully as you do menus and ingredients lists!


Awesome art, crazy-ass email, superlative videos, puppy birthday AND MORE in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Hey, let’s wish happy birthday to my parents’ dog, Oliver, who turns three big years old today! Oliver (at left, shown here with his older brother, Beauregard) works as a therapy dog, has a charmingly insouciant underbite, and wants to be your bestest friend. Happy birthday, little fellow!

Fun times vegan-style events!
The Out of Place art show at SPACE Gallery (1141 Polk St. at Hemlock Street) tonight, Friday Mar. 12, features your Vegansaur Jonas! It costs $3 and runs from 8 to midnight, and will be catered by Black Orchid Bakery. Is there enough culture in your life? Probably not, you philistine, so get over there and appreciate some damn art.

On Saturday, Mar. 13, you can attend “The Nutrition Prescription” lecture by Donald Forrester, M.D., presented by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, at the Institute of Aging at 3600 Geary Blvd. (between Arguello Boulevard and Palm Avenue). The lecture begins at 8 p.m. and costs $10, or participate in the veg potluck at 6:30 p.m. and pay just $2. Contact the SFVS for further information.

Late update: The LGBT Army of Compassion will hold a demonstration against animal cruelty on Sunday, Mar. 14 from 8 to 9 a.m. in the northeast corner of the Heart of the City Farmers Market (UN Plaza) in San Francisco. Brochures (such as this pdf) and signs will be provided. For further information, contact the LGBT AC.

Washington, D.C., home of scrumptious vegan baked goods and now Hush Supperclub, a vegetarian Indian “underground restaurant” that sounds amazing.

Items of social and political import!
Phil Bronstein isn’t sure about the ethics of an animal abuse registry when animal abuse is condoned every day in our kitchens and laboratories.

The ethics of zoos come again under scrutiny as the three polar bears who live in San Francisco get older and become more difficult and expensive to “keep.”

Switzerland denies animals dedicated legal counsel. Apparently Swiss animal protection laws are ” among the strictest rules anywhere,” but proponents don’t think they’re enforced enough to matter. Keep trying, Switzerland.

Stop, video time! It’s JSF on Ellen’s Thursday, Mar. 11 show! [note: if you can’t see the video, please visit the link-o-rama at!]

Oh, does someone think s/he invented the Elvis cupcake? Sorry, vegans have been doing it for four years, now.

OK Canada, for most of the items on this list of “10 foods of the future,” you’re cool again. Or at least acceptable (we don’t go in for that “non-traditional fish” or “new fabricated cuts of meat” nonsense).

Probably better that you eat Canadian meat, anyway (if you’re going to eat DEATH and all) as the U.S. is one of the top-five” least safe food producers in the world, along with China, Turkey, Iran, and Spain. I am SO PROUD.

Seriously, Walnuts? “Vote McCain, because BACON!” You nasty.

OK, Bob Barker has always been a total sleazy lecher, but his love for animals is pure and true: he just gave $2.5 million to renovate a building on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. for PETA—it’ll be called the Bob Barker Building, natch.

Beloved blog Sociological Images present maps that illustrate where animals for food and crops for food are grown in the U.S. Fruits, nuts and vegetables and chickens come from California!

That milk that makes you roll your eyes every time you open the fridge because ew is from California, too, right? Maybe not! Make your friends and relations find out where their dairy products originate at where is my milk from (also useful for soy milks).

Read the first article from The Awl’s vegetarian columnist, Jaime Green! It’s about visiting a Manhattan farmers market in the winter.

If little Oliver weren’t too stubborn/dumb(?) to play any version of “fetch” (because “fetch” does NOT mean “I throw the ball and you chase after it and hide it”), I would have definitely gotten him this for his birthday. [link and photo from Pawesome!]

Food & Wine magazine is shocked to find Berliners eating vegetarian food, as opposed to “Wiener Schnitzel and Currywurst.” Being very well traveled vegans, we are not.

Did you know that East Asian people eat CATS and DOGS? How SAVAGE!! The Chinese government is at present “considering legislation” to ban eating these particular animals, which is probably good considering how awful their living conditions are prior to slaughter. It of course does NOTHING for the rest of the animals raised for consumption in China, but as long as our precious puppies and kitties are protected, we can all sleep at night, right?

Holy Mary in a handbag, have you read this insanator email from an anti-The Cove wacko to Rich FourFour? It is the craziest best: “The humans being protecting wolfs(the whales / dolphins)is the devil! Devil! Devil! Devil! Destroy the devil for protect the human fish! The shark is a friend of the fish. The shark eats only the fish that dead / was damaged.”

Despite the horrors of whaling, Slate, however, wants you to know just what dead whale meat tastes like—and did you know that “many schools of Buddhism favor eating whales”? SEE, IT’S OK BECAUSE THOSE HIPPIE WEIRDOS SAY SO.

How about another photo? Party penguin has stripped off his dress whites and is ready to get down! [Photo via Andrew Evans of National Geographic]

Delightful Ruben Studdard went vegetarian 18 months ago, switched to a vegan diet six months ago, and lost 100 pounds! Man, when I went vegan for keeps I lost like zero pounds, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, AMERICA, WHY DO I STILL HAVE FLESH ON MY VEGAN BONES?? Seriously, we’re super-happy for you, Ruben, keep living your wonderful, cruelty-free life.

DYING OF AWESOME: this amazing retort to Abby’s "Vegan Boys Are the Worst" called “Vegan Boys Are the Best,” complete with KAZOO SOLO, by Brownbird Rudy Relic of SuperVegan!


NYC Vegan Bakesales for Haiti, Jan. 28 and 31!  »

Ladies and gentlevegans!! There will be two (2!) NYC vegan bake sales to support animals in Haiti next week. The first is at Vegan Drinks at Angels & Kings on Thursday, Jan. 28, 7 to 9 p.m., organized by SuperVegan. More than 20 generous vegans will be baking all sorts of scrumptious confections—cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon buns, even doggy treats—the proceeds of which are going to the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti and SODOPRECA. Per usual, DJ Lil Ray will be rockin’ the beats. And don’t forget the booze: 2-for-1 during Vegan Drinks!

Because VEGAN BAKESALES SAVE LIVES, Mooshoes will host another on Sunday, Jan. 31, 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Those profits go to Doctors Without Borders. But this is not just a bake sale; it’s also a raffle with gift certificates from MooShoes, Candle 79, Foodswings, Sweet Avenue Bakery, Lula’s, Tiengarden, and a bunch more! Oh my gosh, I want to win one of those! And also help people!

If you’re looking for ways to help animals in Haiti but you can’t tell your ass from the mixing bowl, attend one of these fiiiine events and buy all your Valentine’s Day presents, or donate money directly ARCH or SODOPRECA. Do it!

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