Treewool: new vegan clothing line made by rad vegan lady!   »

Yes! More vegans to support and get something awesome out of it! Treewool, brought to us by the lovely Kristin Blackmore, is making its debut on Etsy! Bringing an organic, ethically sourced, adorable line of knitwear to the people! We’re particularly enamored with EVERYTHING but are loving this vest (and the model! hot stuff!!):
And that’s just the beginning! There’s so much more cuteness and we’re sure that Kristen, being an adorable design-and-textile vegan, will continue to bring the adorability and functionality and radness and yeah, everything good! And when she continues to bring it, there will be a plus-sized line and I will be the model because I’m really cute and LOVE FASHION and don’t want to be relegated to shopping exclusively at the Hefty Hideaway. Or maybe I do, HELLO FRINGE!

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