Twenty percent off Lollihop Gift Subscriptions for the first 50 Vegansaurs!  »

Hey guys! I’ve got another deal for you. Lollihop has decided to make their vegan boxes a regular thing! So you can get a whole year’s subscription if you want! That is good news but I have even gooder news: The first 50 people to use the coupon code VEGANSAURUS20 when they buy a Lollihop gift subscriptionwill get 20 percent off their order! SWEET. 

You have to order by Thursday, Dec. 1 to get the Dec. 15 delivery but like I said, it’s permanent, so don’t fret if you order later. But I was like, Lollihop, how will they know if they are in the first 50? And they told me that the discount will show up before you finally check out. I didn’t want you guys buying anything without knowing the price! But you’ll see it before you finish checking out.

Remember, this discount is only for the first 50 people who order. OMG it’s like I’m turning you against each other! No, no, you’ll be OK. Godspeed. I hear vegans bite.

*Correction: The code only works for the gift subscriptions. But I guess you could gift it to yourself!

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