The Unlikely Vegan: Steve-O on the veganness of getting hit in the nuts by a ram  »

I’m not sure how familiar Vegansaurus readers are with Steve-O or the whole Jackass scene, but I was recently initiated when my husband forced me to watch Wildboyz on Netflix instant. While I’m still pretty conflicted about that show, I was rather delighted to read an interview with one of its stars, Steve-O, today in Vanity Fair.

Steve-O, I learned, is not only vegan but considers himself an animal rights activist, which, surprisingly, makes me pretty stoked (it also made me stoked to learn that he’s a bona fide graduate of Clown College, which tickled me to learn that there is such thing as Clown College). Like many of you, I knew that Steve-O was doing ads for PETA (who isn’t these days?), but I assumed that, like a lot of celebs PETA uses, he wasn’t veg. The Vanity Fair interview has him talking fairly intelligently about the evils of the standard American diet, and the ethical implications of letting a ram head-butt you in the nards as part of your day job.

It’s an entertaining read, and if nothing else, Steve-O’s veganism is just another nail in the coffin of the tired old “vegans are wimpy and sad and have no energy” song and dance. And since I don’t have much more to say than he did, I’ll simply leave you with this gem:

I’m a proud vegan, whistle-blower, and animal rights activist. I know that makes me sound like a hypocrite, because in Jackass 3D I get into a pen with a ram that charges into my nuts. I was really conflicted about that.

Isn’t that something we can all be proud of?

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