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We’ve taken great strides forward in recent years. Daiya vegan cheese and Gardein meat products have surpassed, by a long shot, much that came before them. But with all of these recent advances in vegan food science, it’s easy to forget the poor substitutions that came before, and how bad we used to have it. That would be fine and dandy if those products would just disappear. Unfortunately, many of them persist on grocery shelves, stubbornly refusing to update their recipes to stay competitive.

What’s your vote for the single worst vegan product currently on the market? What’s the one that needs a huge “steer clear” label pasted on it for those who have just become vegan?  What’s the one that makes you groan when your mom “helpfully” purchases it for you? Seriously, this is a public service. By clearing the shelves of all the crap products, we’re making sure that folks spend their hard-earned money on vegan food that actually tastes great. More great-tasting vegan food = an easier transition to veganism = hopefully more vegans. Right? I mean, that and we’re gonna have to stop being such assholes to non-vegans. I’m sure the reason they’re not vegan yet is because of some goofy tongue-in-cheek snark on a vegan blog. That makes the most sense.

We’ll tally the results and do a follow-up post next week.

My vote: Tofutti Soy-Cheese Slices. What’s yours?


Does San Francisco need a vegan store? (hint: YES!)  »

Some people are putting out feelers to see if the good vegans of San Francisco/the Bay Area are ready for our very own vegan store! Since we’re already lagging behind the likes of, oh, say, MARIETTA, GEORGIA (home of the lovely and cute Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe) in that department, I say we are more than ready for our own vegan mart. No more will we have to order our vegan caviar from Food Fight and our belts from Vegan Essentials! No more will we have to brave the happy meat section at Whole Foods to get our Go Max Go fix! No more will San Franciscans/Bay Areans have to hang their heads in shame while the people of Portland, Seattle, New York City, and Marietta look down their noses at us. What’s more, the benevolent geniuses behind all this are looking for YOUR input on the kinds of things they should sell. YES, YOU! So head on over to their survey and tell them that yes, please, we would very much like our very own vegan store, please and thank you.



Opinions needed: Help Design a Bay Area Vegetarian Restaurant  »

GreenBar is a vegetarian “fast casual restaurant” coming soon to the Bay Area. Apparently they haven’t even settled on which city they’ll be in yet, so the actual physical eating establishment is obviously a long ways off. But they are testing the waters right now to see what we want to eat. And leave your contact info for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card — as if you needed any incentive!

"If you could create your ideal fast casual vegetarian restaurant, what kinds of food would you want most to be on its menu?"

"Do you have any suggestions to improve the current vegetarian restaurants in the Bay Area?"

It’s too much all at once. I’ve got the shakes. SO MUCH TO SAY.

What’s on your vegan restaurant wish list? Biscuits and gravy? Waffles? Tempeh reuben? Chili cheese fries on top of pizza and deep fried? I know you have some opinions, it’s time to weigh in! For the good of our city!

Via Sharon at Vegan@Large.

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