Wool Week: This should not be a thing  »

So I’m totally sick and tripping balls on NyQuil Walgreen’s Multi-Symptom Nighttime Cold & Flu Relief over here, but I can’t pass out till I tell you about this actual UK thing called “Wool Week.” Visitors to this highly anticipated annual event (which occurred last week so I’m a little behind JEEZ CUT ME SOME SLACK OKAY) got to view “art,” including “woolen ‘eggs’” (WTF is that supposed to be?) and a goddamned red carpet, made of wool, natch.

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am glad Wool Week is “baa…ck.” Apparently, mulesing needed its own week of validation in addition to the millions of wool-producing sheep who endure this extremely painful procedure each year. Well, there you go, mulesing—and nasty-ass breeding practices, for good measure. Is all this suffering really worth the sweaters it produces? #synthetics4all

P.S. Sheep are not color-blind, in case you were wondering.

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