CLOSED! Vegansaurus Giveaway: Swimsuit from Eco Swim by Aqua Green!  »

Hey errrybody! There’s still time to get into a hot suit for summer! A hot PLANET-FRIENDLY suit! This super cute Eco Swim bathing suit can be yours, my friends. Just answer me this: What’s the best vegan food for summer? Leave your answer in the comments and I will drunkenly randomly select a winner next Thursday!

Eco Swim is a very cool company. Here’s their mission statement:

Our mission is to provide fashionable, excellent quality, and planet-friendly swimwear. We will achieve this by embracing sustainable technologies and methods, hence reducing our carbon footprint in the sand. Our vision is to be the most sustainable swimwear manufacturer on the planet.

As you know, saving the environment is a good endeavor for vegans as that’s where the animals live! And those animals love that environment, I’m telling you. And Eco Swim promises not to make uggo swimwear just because they want it to be sustainable. Check out their site for more cute suits!

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